Fix NTR Streaming

Fix NTR Streaming

Aug 7, 2017
Hi, I have a new 3ds xl running 11.5 Luma CFW.

I was successfully able to stream my 3ds using bootNTR and NitroStream. However, when I open a game (I've tested OOT3d and Pokemon AS), it doesnt show up. It does reappear the home menu after clicking the home button. I noticed the internet was being disabled when I opened OOT.

When I was looking through NitroStream's options, I saw the memory patch. I followed what it said and used the patch just after enabling debugger in the NTR menu on my 3ds. I was able to stream the home menu. Once I opened the game, NTRViewer displayed a black screen. When I go back to the home menu, it enables internet for only about 3 seconds, then turns back off unlike it did without the memory patch.

Any ideas?

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  • ars25
    Aug 8, 2017
    Firmwares 11.4 and up require a different memory patch code and if the program hasn't updated its a high probability that its using the old memory patch code. so its either you code it in, use lumas input redirect or you have to input the code manually through ntr debugger.
  • Aidanbutt72
    Aug 8, 2017
    Thank you. Turns out I was using a pre-11.4 tutorial that wasn't updated, which linked to an older version of NitroStream. Everything works correctly after updating.
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