Dmarks0 asks:
I manually downgraded my Switch using this guide,
because my friend accidentally updated a downloaded NSP and made CFW unusable. The process went well, and I successfully downgraded to 4.0.1. I can inject Hekate fine, and boot into the stock firmware, but trying to launch fusee-primary leads to a black screen. The atmosphere logo shows up, and nothing after that.
How can I get CFW running again so I can download NSPs, mods, etc.? I did some research, and I think the problem may be that my fuses aren't matched with the CFW I'm trying to run? I'm not sure how the burnt fuses thing works, but it says "Burnt Fuses (ODM 7/6): 10 - 0" on Hekate. Another weird thing is that when I boot stock firmware, I get a message saying "This microSD card is being used by another Nintendo Switch Console or was used on this console before it was formatted. Delete the Nintendo Switch data on the microSD card to use it on this console." I'm really bad at this stuff, so any help would be appreciated!
Apr 16, 2021

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