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    ROM Hack Pokémon ROM Hack Help

    she's 10 bro
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    ROM Hack [WIP] Pokémon Parallel Platinum - Pokémon Alpha Sapphire ROM Hack

    Hello everyone! This is Pokémon Parallel Platinum. Let me give you a bit of insight into this hack, as well as showing off what you can expect. This hack was originally called Pokémon Parallel Emerald, and started development around February 2020. The original idea was to have Hoenn affected...
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    ROM Hack [WIP] Recreating All Of TyranitarTube's Extreme Randomizers

    omg I completely forgot about this thread... a lot has happened, to say the least. we now have a website: https// (I paid for a domain but it won't work) and we also got megas working! the discord now has over 400 members, and tyranitartube himself also gave us his...
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    ROM Hack [WIP] Recreating All Of TyranitarTube's Extreme Randomizers

    Hey, we’re Team EXR and we’re working on recreating TyranitarTube’s Extreme Randomizers! So, what is Extreme? If you aren’t aware of who TyranitarTube is, or what the Extreme Randomizer series of games are, they are, in short, a series of custom ROM hacks with edited story and dialogue, with a...
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    Homebrew WiiSX RX - A new fork.

    This is amazing! Will definitely try it out at some point.
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    ROM Hack 3DS game editor

    Some to help you get started are pk3DS for the 3DS Pokémon games and also Ohana3DS. I can't add links as I'm a new account but that should hopefully be enough to get you started!
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    'Ghostrunner' announced for Nintendo Switch

    Actually looks kinda cool, might cop
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    hi, i'm zera!

    Thanks! nice to meet you :)
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    hi, i'm zera!

    i'm an aspiring 3DS pokemon rom hacker, currently working on 3 different projects. i'm here to share my love of rom hacking and video games with others. lovely to meet you all :)
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