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Jul 20, 2020
United Kingdom
Hello everyone! This is Pokémon Parallel Platinum.
Let me give you a bit of insight into this hack, as well as showing off what you can expect.


This hack was originally called Pokémon Parallel Emerald, and started development around February 2020. The original idea was to have Hoenn affected by a parallel shift and Rayquaza as a Steel/Dragon type robotic dragon. This idea was ultimately scrapped, as I didn't know how I could tie in the cause of this parallel shift with Rayquaza. Development paused for quite some time, then on a fateful day in late August 2020, I decided to reboot development and rebrand the hack as Pokémon Parallel Platinum, and here we are today.
I hope this thread will get you excited for the game, and show off what there is in store :P

Parallel Forms.png
The game's main feature is Parallel Forms.
This phenomenon causes Pokémon that you may recognise (and some you won't!) to transform into a different typing to represent a different way of life than the one you remember. This is caused by the parallel shift that has taken over Hoenn. Only certain Pokémon are affected by this shift, and some might even be able to detect it, which will heavily help you on your journey through Parallel Hoenn.

unknown-37.png unknown.png unknown-58.png
(Electric/Fire-type Swampert, Steel/Fighting-type Primal Groudon, Fairy/Ice-type Mega Pidgeot)

New Story.png
Now for a small insight into the game's story. I don't want to spoil too much, and I'm sure you don't want to be spoiled either.
This also isn't just going to be your generic Pokémon ROM hack story change, with a few dialogue edits and texture changes. Using a new mapping tool being developed for the Generation 6 games, CTRMap (by Hello007), Pokémon Parallel Platinum will have new maps to discover, including new icy areas and places which may look different than you remember.

To give a brief summary of the story, Dialga and Palkia have had a major upset in the Sinnoh region, and thus have travelled across the world, fighting as they go. Eventually they settle for the sky of Hoenn to be their battleground, and as they both defeat each other, a huge explosion occurs, creating a giant forcefield over the top of the Hoenn region. This is what causes Parallel Pokémon to exist. You'll have to wait and see for more information later in the future about the story - I don't want to spoil too much this early on ;)

new characters.png
The game will also have new characters, including a new team that will be talked about later on, and a new Elite 4. A lot of characters will act differently than you remember due to the forcefield, however only you and certain other strong-minded trainers and Pokémon will be able to notice. It'll be your duty to make them aware of everything that's happened.

beerman.png birch.pngvictoria.png
(Norman, your father, after moving in; a kid making fun of Birch; a new Elite 4 member)

The team talked about earlier - Team Azure.
This team is not evil. It is led by Arzi, a version of Archie that was created by the shift in time and space. Teaming up with Team Azure and getting to know Arzi as a person will be vital to your adventure.
Again, I don't want to give away too much, but - Team Azure are a group of people who have all been united due to being created as a result of the parallel shift. They all feel like they've been created as a mistake, and are not meant to be in this world. Regardless, it is up to your teamwork with Arzi and another legendary Pokémon to stop the conflict between Dialga and Palkia, and restore peace to Hoenn.

Final thing to reveal - the starters.
The three starters you'll be able to pick from for your adventure are:


The Grass-type Piplup, the Fire-type Snivy and the Water-type Torchic.
All these Pokémon have been affected by the parallel shift, and when Birch is being attacked by what he sees to be a Poochyena, you must pick one of these Pokémon to help you save him. He will give you this Pokémon as a gift and you will form a special bond - maybe even leading to Mega Evolution... :ph34r:

box art.png

Thank you for reading! Hopefully this got you excited for the game. I'm HOPING to release this in Late 2021, however things may happen and might not go to plan, so I'm not making any serious promises yet.
If you're interested, join the Discord server! We're almost at 200 members, and it'd be really cool if you could join to show your support!
Again, Thank you for reading, and thank you for all the support on the game so far!
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