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    Hey, we’re Team EXR and we’re working on recreating TyranitarTube’s Extreme Randomizers!

    So, what is Extreme?
    If you aren’t aware of who TyranitarTube is, or what the Extreme Randomizer series of games are, they are, in short, a series of custom ROM hacks with edited story and dialogue, with a big twist in the game. They are a very cool retelling of the story of their base game, and have their own lore and everything.

    How are you recreating the games?
    It’s very well known that TyranitarTube doesn’t give out the links to the Extreme series of hacks, because the anonymous creators have told him he’s not allowed. This has raised suspicion about who the creators are, and why he’s not allowed to give out the link. In a recent stream, he said that he “would give out the game if he was allowed” and “even if he could, the game is really annoying to play because you have to keep patching”. After analysing the series, we confirmed that this was true, and it wouldn’t be as simple as we thought to recreate. This isn’t just a simple single Luma patch job, but potentially more than 10-15 different patches. We’re designating different people to different jobs, and hope to finish the Alpha Sapphire Extreme Randomizer by the end of the year.

    Why are you here then?
    We’re here to invite anyone with A LOT of 3DS ROM hacking experience to our team! We have enough people on the basic ROM hacking side of things, so we need people with more experience than even us. This includes the ability to import custom 3D models for things like Mega Milotic and to edit 3D models without them breaking to do things like Shadow Ho-Oh. For some examples, check out these videos: Mega Empoleon by Xeogran and Lunala Gardevoir Fusion by Xeogran. Some people who we are trying to get in contact with include Mixeli and @Xeogran, so if anyone has any form of communication with them, please let us know!

    How can we join/get in contact with you?
    Feel free to respond to this thread, join our Discord or reach out to us on Twitter! We may only be recruiting experienced people, but our server is open and has already gained almost 200 members.

    Thank you for making it this far! Feel free to check below for some images of our progress so far. Also feel free to contact us on any of the following social media if you’re interested in anything mentioned:
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamEXR_
    Discord: https://discord.gg/zJPABAf

    Thank you again for reading, and have a great day!

    helix.jpg ho oh.png juan.png juan2.png mavis.png may.jpg morty.png
    (the milotic is messed up not on purpose but beyond our ability, hence our requirement for someone experienced's help lol)
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    that doesn't look like mega milotic

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