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    Hacking Semi bricked PS3

    You may be able to find out what firmware version it's on if you take out the hard drive. On a working PS3, if you remove the hard drive and put in another blank one (or perhaps leave it empty? I'm not sure), it'll bring up a message saying to insert a USB drive with the firmware on it, and...

    Hacking CFW with NoBD for PS3 FAT

    What firmware is on it now? I'm guessing it's OFW? Even if the Blu ray drive is damaged, you could have removed the drive but still left the Bluray daughterboard plugged. If you still have the drive, leave it connected until you get CFW on it.

    PS1/2 ESR won't run burned game.

    It's really difficult to tell through just a short video, maybe it's having a hard time with burned discs? I've seen drives work with pressed discs and not work with burned discs.

    PS1/2 ESR won't run burned game.

    Ok, but without ESR, can you pop in a legit PS2 disc and it will actually play and get to the main menu?

    PS1/2 ESR won't run burned game.

    As stated, the image could be bad, could be a bad burn, or perhaps the laser is dirty or on its way out. Can you verify it will run retail games? A good way to test your media and laser is to burn a DVD movie to your Verbatim, if it plays the movie then it's a sign it can read your discs fine.

    Homebrew 3ds won't read SD card

    I had a similar issue recently... games loaded fine on the 3DS from SD card, but would give me I/O errors and stop reading when I tried to copy anything onto it on a PC. Tried various PCs + adapters + programs, no luck with formatting. I was able to copy everything off but it took hours and...

    Bandai Namco giveaway PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 on PS4, Xbox One & PC

    Thanks! I played the crap out of Championship Edition DX on the PS3, snagged this one for PS4.

    Sony introduces the PS5 controller, the DualSense

    Shape looks great, not sure about the colour design.

    Players may experience slower or delayed download speeds, as Sony "manages" PSN traffic

    I'm sure Sony is reading this and will arrange for you to get your game download at absolute blazing speeds. ;)

    Players may experience slower or delayed download speeds, as Sony "manages" PSN traffic

    Hopefully they prioritize multiplayer gaming so it doesn't lag. Not a big deal if game downloads are going slower.

    Hacking ps3 3.55

    Edit: If it's already on OFW 3.55 then yes.

    Hacking Wii U unusable after changing game_region

    That's not the point; imagine if you were selling a Wii U gamepad on eBay and someone bought it and then returned it to you and wasted your time and money to ship it.
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