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    Hacking PAMF Tools (ICON1.PAM) / Windows 10 x64

    I honestly can't remember. And my PS3 was even sold a few years ago. Maybe you have better luck starting a new thread with your issue.
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    Hacking How do I work around the renew license?

    With reActPSN I believe they must be placed on the USB-drive (closest to the BD-drive). With PSNpatch (which can also activate .rap files), you can either place them on a USB-drive or the HDD (and probably also an external HDD). PSNpatch has a config-file in it's program-dir that you can edit to...
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    Hacking How do I work around the renew license?

    Well, if you own the game you should probably visit PSN and re-download it (to obtain your .rif-file). If you don't own the game, you might try and look for a .rap-file (and use either PSNPatch or reActPSN) and "activate" the game. If you can't find a .rap-file, you might find a "patched"...
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    Hacking PSN vs UMD, what's the difference (which to play on a PS3)?

    I am trying to play some PSP-titles on my PS3, and I stumbled upon something I can't find an explanation for. I understand what an UMD is, and how that file is either an .iso (or .cso?). What I don't understand is why a title claiming to be PSN/PSP is also in .iso-format. Shouldn't it be a .pkg...
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    Hacking Help with .rap files

    In PSNPatch you can edit the psnpatch.cfg in the program-folder (/dev_hdd0/game/BLJS10018/USRDIR/) and change the rap_path to point to /dev_usb001 or /dev_hdd0 or whatever you like.
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    Hacking power outage while deleting games using multiman

    Try entering safe mode and choose option "#3 Restore File System". This will make a recheck of the file system, like it asked you to de before. Just make sure you don't choose the wrong option, or you could wipe the entire HDD. Edit: Later you might need to rebuild the database (#4 Rebuild...
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    Hacking I Bricked my Ps3 i need Help

    If it all depended on the hard drive, you could just wipe it/reformat it inside PC. But I doubt it's that easy. There must be some memory inside the console where the recovery-mode is stored. Have you tried recovery mode? Recovery mode: 1. Turn off the PS3. 2. Hold down the power button and...
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    Hacking Problem: EBOOT.BIN / *.SELF / Klicensee - How to make a new .pkg after editing the decrypted files?

    This might sound like a confusing topic, and it probably is. :huh: I am playing around with some emulators for the PS3, and I have managed to resign a few and get them to work in Rebug 4.82.2. But I want to go further, and the first thing I did was creating animated icons and such. Now, I can...
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    Hacking Install a PKG without copying to HDD?

    1. Can't you use a FAT32 USB-drive to put the exdata-folder? 2. I sometimes find reActPsn a bit stubborn, requiring the creation of "aa"-user and whatnot. So I switched to PSNPatch, which allows me to put my .rap-files on the HDD (I transfer them there through FTP). But you must edit the default...
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    Hacking Install a PKG without copying to HDD?

    I can recommend using PS3NetSrv. If your PS3 is on a home network, you install the PS3NetSrv on your computer. Then I prefer to use sMan, but it works with multiMan and webMan also, to connect to the PS3NetSrv on your computer. From there, I share both game-folders (GAMES) and .pkg-files (PKG)...
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    Hacking Update Ferrox Standard to COBRA version

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think you also need something like QA Toggle before installing a CFW over a CFW (especially when "downgrading" a firmware). So look if that is there in the Ferrox you are using. If not, there is the Habib QA Toggle, but also have one...
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    Hacking Problems with RetroArch on Rebug 4.82.2 REX

    Amazing! I unzipped a few roms and now they run flawlessly! But I also found out that, when browsing content and picking a zipped file, you can browse the package to list the rom inside it. That worked for a few NES-roms, but when I tried it on a SMD-rom it failed. I have no explanation why...
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    Hacking Need a hand, i'm about to hack my ps3.

    I too have had much trouble with USB, and have read many "stupid things", like it has to do with size and such. But after finding a correct way to format the USB-stick I have had success with sizes ranging from 4GB to 64GB, and with more than 3 different brands. So here goes an instruction I...
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    Homebrew FCEUGX Cheats Turned on Automatically?

    There seems to be a complicated way of doing it, by editing all the cheat-files. Read more at FCE Ultra Cheat Guide.
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    Hacking PAMF Tools (ICON1.PAM) / Windows 10 x64

    So, I was learning how to create animated icons for the XMB, and I did every preparation (even creating a sound-file [SND0.AT3]). It took me several hours to finally get an .avi-file of the icon I wanted to create (with the correct codec). When I installed the PAMF Tools, I got no warning or...
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