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    Jun 13, 2018
    I am trying to play some PSP-titles on my PS3, and I stumbled upon something I can't find an explanation for.
    I understand what an UMD is, and how that file is either an .iso (or .cso?).
    What I don't understand is why a title claiming to be PSN/PSP is also in .iso-format. Shouldn't it be a .pkg (like PSN/PS3 is)?
    My question is really which one should I keep/prefer, PSN/PSP (.iso) or UMD/PSP (.iso)?
  2. SonicMC

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    Dec 6, 2007
    United States
    UMD is a small disk that is playable on a psp (not all models though as psp go didn't have a umd reader)

    iso is that disk made into a file on the pc.
    cso is the iso file compressed.

    PSN files are eboot.pbp files; but can be extracted and made into an iso file... which is probably telling you how the file was created.

    for instance someone could buy the umd and make and iso. Or download the game as a eboot.pbp and create an iso of the same game.
    Things I don't know: if there are any differences between both types... or any incompatibilities.

    What to keep? depends on what your goal is: on a psp a cso may be better as you can get more games onto the memory card. On the ps3 it has to be an iso.
    psn/psp iso or umd/psp iso. Not sure it really matters as long as the game plays!
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  3. lucks

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    Jul 18, 2015
    there s no difference, they are isos.

    psp uses pkgs but we never had pkgs or the pkg installer avaible on cfw, while now it is a common thing for ps3/ps4 and psvita(even if you can t use the built in pkg installer)

    isos are images so they refers to umd backups, but you can convert an extracted pkg game (as folder) to an iso and vice versa.
    anyway the psp does not use pkgs directly.

    psn games are the ones with a folder, no compression, extracted from pkg and clean. (i don t know if you can use them on ps3)

    cso means Compressed, so a compressed iso, there s also a 3rd format, zso that is an lz4 compressed iso (only supported on pro cfw)

    the point is, ps3 does not support psp games, it has a buggy and incomplete emulator so the compatibility is very very low, also you may need to tweak your psp package to boot the game (that does not mean the game will be bug free with no lag)

    imo, it s a waste of time
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