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    Homebrew DoomDS: IWAD Not Found?

    Hi, I'm using a softmadded Dsi with Hiya CFW and Twilightmenu++. 'm trying to get DS Doom to function, I'm using the version found on moddb with RobZ's fork's .nds file, which fixed the "cannot read/write" error issue. However, now when launching the game it tells me "IWAD not found" and will...
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    Homebrew Discussion Mario Kart Wii 60fps on Switch

    As soon as L4T on switch gets sleep mode, I'm gonna start just keeping linux booted on my switch at all times unless I want to play an actual switch game
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    Hacking Discussion Next wishes for the Switch Hacking!

    I meant the end end result. Turn off switch fully, turn it on and be in cfw. I realize the processes to get there are completely different.
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    Hacking Discussion Next wishes for the Switch Hacking!

    A flashcard similar to Sky3DS that you can play backups from. That would be pretty dope auto Practically speaking, those are the same thing to the end user
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    Atmosphère 0.8.6 released

    At this rate it seems like they're planning to change this every other release
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    Hollow Knight sequel announced for Switch and PC

    needless to say, I'm INSANELY hyped, I wonder what the ETA to release is? The original HK beta was out like 2 years before the game came out, but I don't think it will be THAT long until we see this
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    Hacking How long til 7 support?

    A few days to 1-2 weeks according to sciresM on twitter
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    Hacking Rebooting from Atmosphère into Atmosphère is coming

    I looks like this can be done from a crash error screen! That's incredible
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    Hacking Question Fuseless update to 6.2

    So if I were to boot into hekate and select ofw it would burn fuses?
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    Hacking Question Fuseless update to 6.2

    Now that Atmosphere supports 6.2, will updating from 6.1 with ChoirNX burn fuses? Also, if I do the update with Choir, have autoRCM on, then boot stock from Hekate, does that burn fuses? Because I heard that there was another software fuse check included with 6.2, which was why a fuseless update...
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    Hacking My Nintendo Switch is banned but I can still make a System Update...

    They're letting banned users update because 6.2 breaks cfw. It a trap!
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    Hacking Games still take up space after nand restore

    Thanks for the help! I'll get on this tomorrow
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    Hacking Games still take up space after nand restore

    I have already restore the backup, but the titles still show up as taking up space. All the .Sav's are still stored on the SD card (I didn't specificly back them up, but I believe they are the save files from the games that the 3ds stores on it's own), in the /Nintendo 3ds/ folder. Can I delete...
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