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    New iPod Touch model released

    Meanwhile I'm just sitting here with my 1G iPod touch i got in 2007. Though it may be time for an upgrade i guess, headphone port is beginning to have issues and it has problems charging. Doubt I'll be picking up a 6G, why would I spend hundreds just for a music/podcast player when I can pick...
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    Hacking Which R4 Should I Buy? are either of these reliable? i have a 3ds on 9.5 and they seem a little sketchy at that price for something that works on 3ds. I don't care about supercard dstwo features and am extremely broke and...
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    Humble Indie Bundle X

    To The Moon is a fantastic game, but it's more for the storytelling than the game itself. If that's your kind of thing i'd recommend getting the bundle for it alone, just saying. Also Runner is very fun.
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    Super Smash Bros. Project M brings back Roy from Fire Emblem!

    Oh cool you guys finally got it working, congrats.
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    Vita getting "more than 100" games this year

    I really want to like the vita... but i'll believe this when it happens.
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    Gaming The Fractured Soul Discussion Thread

    Chronos Twins is a DS game
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    Nintendo 3DS eShop Line-Up For North America

    Zelda II available to public. My body is ready.
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    Assassin's Creed 3 DLC pits you against evil George Washington

    what well ummm okay extra campaign... DLC... I remember this being called something once... an expansion pack.
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    Comment by 'Supreme Dirt' in 'God damn Rayman is a long game'

    oooh i might have to pick it up if it's really that great.
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    Homebrew homebrew updater?

    So basically I'm looking to make a very specific piece of homebrew and know literally nothing about homebrew on the wii. Essentially I'd like to have a program that downloads a folder of files to an SD card based on whether or not there has been a version change, and then immediately boots...
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    Curiosity Has Landed

    Some of us are incredibly fascinated by space in general don't forget. Astronomy was what I was going to study until I realized there's no point because there really isn't a Canadian space program.
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    *rumour* Sonic Adventure 3 could be happening

    Chao Garden was pretty fun and will pretty much sell the game. Better not end up like the mess that was Sonic '06 though.
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    RUMOR: Nintendo wants RARE back

    imo they should buy the company back, and then dismantle it after taking ownership of their IPs. I'm sick of seeing my childhood shat on by this company that now calls itself Rare. They're a shadow of their former self.
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    RUMOR: Nintendo wants RARE back

    Jetpac is why they can't release DK64. Jetpac is owned exclusively by RARE. If true, and Nintendo's trying to reacquire some of the IPs we know and love, I will be greatly happy. However I am highly skeptical.
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    No More 3DS Models in the Near Future

    I really don't see how this affects any of you. Oh no, they released a larger 3DS. Oh no, those lying conniving bastards. Just saying, the original 3DS is a perfect size. Them releasing a larger version for people who want a larger version DOESN'T AFFECT ME.
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