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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Are other game carts working? Check if you have them also make sure that you have turned off AutoNGC in Hekate or it will have blocked your GC slot from upgrading fw so as to allow it to remain functional in case you were to downgrade to a lower fw.
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    Hacking Switch won't turn on after NAND restore

    Yes, as the poster above said, this looks like a fuse mismatch, which means your burnt fuse count is higher than the permitted count for your current firmware. i would advise you to do this - -Make sure your device is completely powered off by holding down the power button for about 15s -Put...
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    Hardware nintendo switch usb is good but dont start with tegra

    If I understood you correctly, I think its possible you have a v1 patched, or v2 motherboard console. Your other console that works is a v1 unpatched one.
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    Hacking Question Any way to move newly purchased games from sysnand to emunand without recreating sysnand?

    Maybe you didn't dump it properly. Give more details. About your cfw, patches, Emummc fw, what error you seem to be getting while launching the game?
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    Homebrew RELEASE Homebrew Details - A Homebrew App Manager

    Tried 0.31. It launches, but crashes when I select "App Store Apps", also, it shows no apps downloaded under this category. (I think I have downloaded some apps from the App store, but i recently deleted a lot of unnecessary ones, so can't be sure. Tried it on fw 9.2.0 with atmosphere 0.13...
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    Hacking Is AutoRCM detectable nowdays?

    No 1. No, it won't ban 2. No But I still recommend using 90dns and even something like incognito for emummc.
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    Hacking DEAD [Shutdown]DragonInjector - Game Cart Payload Injector (Trinket M0 Clone)

    On his project page, you can subscribe for updates.
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    Homebrew Question Why doesn´t my switch boot into normal hekate screen?

    There is a modified version of hekate with the UI you're looking for. Try this
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    Hacking DELETE System Update

    Press and hold vol + and - when on the "sept" logo screen. That'll open maintenance mode. Then just exit from there and the update will be wiped. Also, AFAIK there's no reason to not update. Atmosphere / Hekate supports the latest firmware.
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    Hacking Question Switch doesn't boot after official update

    Did you try Atmosphere build 0.11.1? Just place the files on the root of SD card. If it doesn't work, then maybe you need to use patches. If you're launching atmo with hekate, use the kosmos patches. If you're using fusee primary payload to launch atmosphere, use the atmosphere patches.
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    Hacking Is the Switch bricked?

    Not that I'm aware of. Hekate can do backup and restoring fw. If you don't want to keep autoRCM, then I suggest doing this - Put the latest firmware files in the root of your SD card, boot into hekate, launch atmosphere cfw, launch choidujournx homebrew, flash firmware, make sure autoRCM isn't...
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    Homebrew Question 90dns or Incognito?

    How are you running it? Try to inject it as a payload directly using something like tegrarcmgui.
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    Homebrew RELEASE TextReaderOverlay - Tesla Overlay for Viewing Text-Based Game Guides

    Thanks for this tool, very useful. I would like to make a suggestion. So I understand that pressing X closes the overlay but keeps it in memory. To bring it back up we need to again use the L + down + Rstick. Could it be possible to make a key or key combo (+ and - maybe) minimize and maximize...
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    Hacking Mistakenly updated Sysnand to 9.2 with ChoiDujourNX, only have 8.0 Backup

    Firstly, booting sysnand in CFW and using choinx will not make your sysnand unclean. There's almost no risk of ban Secondly, updating with choi will not burn your fuses, so if you haven't updated officially, your fuse count is still what it was before you updated with choidujour, as long as you...
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