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    So you are made boss of the politics section. What rules do you enact, repeal or change?

    Remove it, there are hundred's of sites dedicated to talking politics, and tons of general discussion forums that have politics sections. I don't see why specialized websites always feel the need to have unrelated sections, it's weird when forums for niche interests feel the need to have this...
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    To celebrate Minecraft's 10th anniversary, you can play Minecraft Classic for free in your browser

    *Sees a thread about a game i don't like* *Cracks knuckles* "Time to tell everyone how bad this game is and how they're wrong for liking it" one hour later "Why is everyone else so toxic and hateful, all i did was come into their thread and insult them I just don't understand" That's it...
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    Comment by 'Mr. Elementle' in 'I feel kinda weird for bringing GBATemp into a facebook rant.'

    This isn't even a social media site, it's forum. what's your next rant how neopets is a superior online shopping experience to amazon?
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    Persona 5: The Royal announced for the PlayStation 4, more info due next month

    If the PS Vita was still a thing i'd agree, but since it's been abandoned i think a switch port is way more possible, since every recent persona game has had a portable versions (even 2 technically had one on mobile phones) and the switch is the only handheld on the market right now. Not a...
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    Nintendo President Suggests that It Might Abandon Home Console Development

    I thought they already did that when they left the wii u to die in a ditch while they focused on the 3ds, mobile games, and then the switch. I guess the switch is still technically a console, but come on, nintendo has been focusing on the handheld and mobile market for a while now
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    Gaming Do you think upcoming piracy will lead the console to EOL soon?

    I remember a thread like this about how gateway was going to kill the 3ds back in 2012, and that resilient little bastard is somehow still chugging along into 2019
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    [UPDATE] First images for the Mad Box standalone console released

    ???Okay, but like so you agree with me that they aren't going to develop a new console OS and it's just a glorified linux PC that they're calling a console, like you sort of snatched what i said out of the air like??? because to you use your car analogy if someone announced their new hoverboard...
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    Hacking accidentally brought 3ds with cfw. how do I remove it?

    considering how easy and useful cfw is to learn and use i usually recommend that you take the hour to learn it instead of deleting it. But if you really REALLY don't want it for whatever reason you can uninstall it with this guide (While typing this i realized you listed pastacfw and rxtools...
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    [UPDATE] First images for the Mad Box standalone console released

    I can almost guarantee that this things is gonna run a modified version of linux, and feature whatever steam games with linux support they can license, and some tech demo games that have cutting edge graphics for 2019, but will be out of date in 2021 when it releases.
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    US legislation requires new games' communication aspects to be accessible to those with disabilities

    Gbatemp before this: Small text and terrible choice colors for fonts and UI elements are terrible and there should be an industry standard for how subtitles and on screen text should be presented so it's readable Government: We're introducing an industry standard for fonts and UI elements so...
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    Gaming Looking for the title of this game

    The game you're looking for is Logic Machines
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    Hacking Can we use gateway blue card to play DS game in a9lh Luma?

    Honestly it would probably be better to just use twilight loader at this point wouldn't it?
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    Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee to omit abilities and held items

    While i personally love that idea, i still think these are too easy even for kids, I hate stuff that treats kids like idiots, my 5 year old nephew loves playing rpgs with me, I have to help him read the dialogue but he's never had trouble picking up on the systems, he understands abilities and...
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    What Linux distros do you all use?

    Right now I'm running ubuntu with the unity trusty desktop, but i'm thinking about upgrading to gnome with either xenial or bionic soon, i'm just not a huge fan of how the gnome desktop looks, i like unity but anything past trusty crashes on my laptop.
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