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    Hacking [HELP] Wii U HBL from USB?

    KiiWii - was that a serious question? It's a 19 pin dual USB 3.0 adapter to attach a PC motherboard - nothing to do with a WiiU:
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    Hacking [HELP] Wii U HBL from USB?

    SD2USB isnt possible - WiiU sees it as just like a normal usb flash drive. There was talk a few weeks ago about a USB2SD adaptor - but it's USB2.0 only (too slow) and limited to 32Gb. Good to hear you've resolved...
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    Hardware Possible way of dumping 3DS games?

    Think the guys had the same idea: 3DS cart's encrypiton part is different from the other NDSL carts (2010-03-02) The chips included in this 3DS cart is MX23J4GC0-75H(48Pin) and 25L4001(8Pin). The hardware structure is almost the same as that...
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    DS #DSi 0074: Art Academy (Europe)

    Can somebody repost the unlocked save as mediafire download doesn't seem to be working. Thanks!
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    Gaming Didnt know where to put this

    My 4 year old son has done this twice!!!!!! - 1st time I was able to shake it out. - 2nd time it had to be opened up. Because it sounds like yours isn't moving - only option is open the lid.
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    Hacking Is there a way to see what IOS's are on my wii?

    Anytitle Deleter DB -
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    Hacking Guitar Hero World Tour DLC Finally hacked!?

    If you mean the DVD backup loader - It's working for me with Gama 0.3. I think all the song are missing from the music store because it thinks you've already paid for them! So you can goto the set list you can "redownload" them. I worked out, if you want the music store tracks back launch WAD...
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    Hacking Guitar Hero World Tour DLC Finally hacked!?

    Have a look at the site with the Green Demon
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    Hacking Wii Menu Uninstaller and Disk Check v1.01 COMING SOON!

    Didn't make reserve - unless top bidder got 2nd chance offer.
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    Hacking Wii Menu Uninstaller and Disk Check v1.01 COMING SOON!

    I think due to the importance of making sure this falls into the right hands - ICEFIRE!!!! I would like to be the first to put my hand in my pocket and donate and i'm sure if enough people on this board did the same he'd win no matter the final price! ICEFIRE - If you'd like to PM me a paypal...
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    Hacking disck channel shwoing the video of the backup

    I think it's a 4.0/IOS60 as previously 3.1 never recognized backup discs in the disc channel... now looks like a normal in the disc channel but obviously won't boot. Also oddly - softmodded a 3.2e today cIOS12 and both Loader GX and wiiflow shows a quick vid before the white remote screen. Not...
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    Hacking Coverflow demo

    Love the full covers (front and back) also working with cIOS 12 on my 4.0e
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    Hacking Cios rev 12

    Kinda makes sense - previous versions used either socket, but Hermes cIOS 222 which fixed USB accessories used port 0 (socket closest to a side). Then the fix goes something like use: USB0 for HDD USB1 for everything else.
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    Hacking Hermes cIOS222 installer Fourth down on extras
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    Hacking Has DVD+r worked for you when your doing game backups?

    Sony DVD+R work fine... My DVD drive closes them as DVD-ROM. There's a few compatibility reports floating around this being one of them:
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