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    Gaming looking for someone to flash a 360

    Found someone that would do it for around the $45 mark previously, so looking for an offer in that ball park (cheaper the better; more expensive, probably pass). It's a brand new console, would like to have someone pro enough to keep the warranty sticker in tact, but if thats not possible then...
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    Hacking Quick question

    its not my wii so i dont want to mess with WADS and all that jazz. No internet because they dont have it at their house... not everyone does! so thats why i want to manually update the wii to ensure no NTSC back ups can brick it later...
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    Hacking Quick question

    Hey guys, been out of the game for a while and a friend wants their Wii modded... I was thinking the wiikey 2 for them (its going to be either a D2A or D2B they got it well over a year ago)... My problem is some of my games are NTSC and their Wii hasn't been updated since day one (they have...
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    Gaming My Xbox 360 won't let me display 1080i...

    yeah 720P > 1080i as has been mentioned before. unless your TV is massive then you won't even notice the difference!
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    Which Premium Account is better?

    anyone getting bad speeds on rapidshare download and use a download manager with your premium account. connect to it 5 times and you will max out your connection no worries. i get my full download speed (150k/s) from it from 5 connections easily. sometimes you just get a slow server, so...
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    Which Premium Account is better?

    i prefer rapidshare, been a user for a while. rapidshare now allows 10gigs/day and it rolls over until you accumulate 50 gig max. pretty good. anyway if you're in the market for an account we could probably split it half half i wouldnt use more than 10 gig a week i just hate waiting for torrents...
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    PSP emulator for the wii

    fake... everyone knows the wii doesnt have the graphical capabilities to emulate the PSP lol
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    Wii #0681 - We Ski (USA)

    at least they avoided the wii pun
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    The Bad word thread

    cunt. my all time favourite swear word
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    Gaming Grand_Theft_Auto_IV_NTSC_XBOX360-101

    my xbox RRoD'd on me. i ordered it on ebay. if the game comes back before the xbox im going to cry!
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    Gaming Mario Kart Online - Very dissapointing

    150cc syndrome. you just keep getting reamed and reamed. if you dont like it; then dont be in first place as simple as that. 1st place has disadvantages of getting drilled by weapons AND snaking you at the very end to steal the lead. play it safe at 3 or 4, then half way through the final lap...
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    Wii #0635 - Mario Kart (Europe)

    actually, the graphics suck (its nintendos worst graphical display on a wii game yet). and the wiimote in the wheel thing SUCKS. i almost lost mushroom cup on 50cc because at critical times when i went to powerslide instead of going left the kart went right and vice versa .... however, i must...
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    Gaming Okami's being released in 9 more days.

    played it on ps2. for those that haven't played it yet; its definately worth a play. but i cant see myself playing it again... especially with how many games i still have to play.
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    Nintendo Power May 2008 Review Scores

    famitsu gave it (mario kart) 10/9/9/9 as well, thats 37/40. so hopefully its every bit as awesome as the mags will have us believe. In other news, if you haven't played okami yet, you should its a great game and no doubt wii will make it a lovely experience!
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    Gaming Mario Kart Wii - prices

    yeah australias always get the shaft. i cant see why there can be such huge discrepancies in game prices... doesnt matter; im sticking it to the big guy through other means lol
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