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    Linux - Which distro?

    I really like the new fedora with gnome3. Less buggy then ubuntu (unity sucks) and blazingly fast.
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    Hacking Help, version 9.90

    Well, I managed to mount flash0 and change version.txt. Don't worry about me bricking, I'm watching my step.
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    Hacking Help, version 9.90

    Hi all. I'm trying to update my newly bought second-hand psp to 6.20 PRo-B-4 permanent, but whenever I try to update I get the error that my version is 9.90 already. I tried mounting flash0, but instead I just get the memory stick in recovery. Any help? Greetings, Jelmew Edit: Gen recovery...
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    Gaming Best thing to do?

    Well, that is my problem, which new firmware is the recommended one and what is the best way to get it on your psp. I thought that if I installed a ofw (I thought 6.20 was supported), that would erase all old firmware-hacks?
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    Gaming Best thing to do?

    Hi guys. I'm getting a hackable psp slim soon that is already hacked. Now my question is, where to go from here. Do I want to update to the latest custom-firm-ware, which option is the best and how do I get there. Is the sticky tutorial outdated in this forum or is there a better forum with a...
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    Astronomers witnessed a star torn apart by a black hole

    Say hellow to hawking-radiation.
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    Hardware quickly rotating items on screen

    I'm not. It is completely silent here and the 3ds is a meter away from my mouth Edit: Mic test gives constant max volume, is my Mic broken? Edit2: can I fix this myself or should I send it in?
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    Hardware quickly rotating items on screen

    Hi tempers, Here is a longtime lurker that reeds your advice. Name about this weird issue. In my ds3 home menu on the top screen, everything starts to rotate ridiculously quick, is this a consequense or an indication of something. I'm thinking it can't be normal. Greetings, jelmew Edit: now...
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    Brutal Legend creator making Sesame Street video game

    Well, maybe he can make a proper game out of it, better then al those shovelware-studios.
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    Is it possible to remove vocals from a mp3 song?

    No, there are no different audio-lines for those.
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    Gaming Cluster size

    I've formatted my drive with EASEUS partition manager, making it fat32. This so the wii can read .wbfs. However, sneek only supports filesystems fat32 up to 32Kb cluster sizes. I found out mine was 64KB Microsoft windows only allows clusters up to 32kB. Custom software can go much higher. I've...
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    Gaming Cluster size

    I want it to be fat 32 with 32 kb cluster sizes to use with things like sneek. I used the default settings on EASEUS partition magic to get it to fat 32 without thinking about changing the cluster size. Could it be the size of the partition that is playing up here?
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    Gaming Cluster size

    Hi everyone. I have a 1 tb fat32 drive which I use for my wii. Now when I formatted it, I had set the cluster size to 64 kb. Now I wanted to make the drive primary and change the cluster size to 32 kb. However, EASEUs partition doesn't allow these options. Under the resize/move operation, the...
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    Hacking Cant downgrade from 4.3-4.1

    First of all, it's not possible to install ios 60 because of the stubs. Second of all, there is no need to update. No need at all.
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    Gaming Get album art for music library

    Songbird can download covers from gracenote and store it within the files. It's what I use.
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