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    Hacking R4 v1.05 ENGLISH is now on!!

    There two more mirrors to download R4 V1.05 Kernel: Mirror-1: this is ok now...
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    Hacking R4 v1.05 ENGLISH is now on!!

    two more mirrors for download R4 v1.05 kernel:
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    Hacking R4 DS owners roll call

    Mine is from GameYeeeah, Nice Slot-1 Linker
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    Hacking Looking for a microsd

    Compared to the other similar products of Slot-1 flash linkers, R4 should be the minimum requirement for the TF Card! However, the selection of a quality TF card is always right! I recommend kingmax 512MB, kingston 1G and PNY 1G; You can also check TF cards recommended at R4 offical site.
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    Hacking Save file converter - back to SC/M3?

    you could download "R4DS archive conversion" at its official site by link:
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    Hacking R4DS Pictures

    A retailer is found from GBAtemp recommended site with English version available, $40, check it here:
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    Hacking R4DS Pictures

    From official web site, USB MicroSD card reader/writer is included, please check here What Shaun said is right: "you can apparently just drag and drop a rom without using a patcher or any software, which makes it compatible with any operating system." For...
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    Hacking R4DS Pictures

    This group of photos are shot by et-s, a administrator from ChinaGBAnds:
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    Team Cyclops enter the Flash Kit Market!

    It must be connected with SC, just like copy of Supercard...
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    Hacking Help with shopping in China

    You can send Email to [email protected], i think they can help you!
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    485 user(s) active in the past 23 minutes

    It is amazing...
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    Hacking Gameyeeeah probs

    Try to send your enquiry through email [email protected], their sales usally reply to you within 12 hours.
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