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    Gaming slipstreaming windows vista

    ah ok how to ya image it then?
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    Gaming slipstreaming windows vista

    I ordered a new computer from newegg and it comes with windows vista. My friend says that alot of computers dont come with backup install disk and I would like to have one In case the operating system crashes. My friend said I should slipstream it when it first comes so that I have a backup disk...
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    Gaming linux?

    Some games can be rune through WINE which is a program that allows Linux to run windows programs. not all programs are compatible though. Also watch out for graphics card compatibility. I have an older ATI card and I cant get ubuntu drivers for it that work right which limits my gaming. my...
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    Homebrew DSi / DS incompatibilities

    ds organize also doesn't work on dsi
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    Homebrew Working text editor for the NDS/R4?

    Im gonna have to disargree with something said here. If it looks like windows It cant possibly look sweet. still I can use a text editor and will look into it another solution you can try is ds linux. im pretty sure that has a text editor
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    Gaming Dpg converter

    he said for mac
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    Gaming Dpg converter Its an online converter that has dpg as a format. I would suggest posting this in the nds homebrew section as your more likely to get help there.
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    Gaming Is this Netbook a good deal?

    Linux is far better than any other operating system there is. Its far faster than windows xp on netbooks and there is even a special version of ubuntu called netbook remix. and on top off all that it doesn't get viruses like windows. So defenitly get linux on your netbook when you get one. But...
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    Homebrew How to connect a passworded connection using DSHobro,Bunjalloo,Beup?

    Just to claify It doesn't have to be mario kart. It can be any game with wifi. For some reason I always use mario kart though
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    New slot-1 media player in the works (iPlayer)

    Did anyone notice the windows symbol the the iplayer homepage picture of the main menu? All I can say is that better be able to be changed. kinda ironic that is called an iplayer (most things that start with "i" are mac/apple related but it has a windows symbol and it has nothing to do with ethier.
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    Gaming WTF is this s**t?

    stupid windows strikes again . My best recommendation is to reinstall the operating system. but while your doing that I would recommend that you try ubuntu linux or linux mint 7 as It is far less likely to have them kinds of errors.
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    Homebrew [SKIN] Se7en for Moonshell 2

    yes I do. but at least I can get wallpapers for moonshell 2 now that are linux. now if only I can get rid of the windows style scroll bar
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    Homebrew Moonshell 2 Vista Skin Is OUT!!!

    no need to make so many posts. If somebody knows they will post when they see it.
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    Homebrew Moonshell 2 Vista Skin Is OUT!!!

    how do you do it? is there a guide anywhere?
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