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    ROM Hack WIP [WIP] Sword and Shield Pokemon Models and Textures

    Unfortunately this is where my current knowledge on importing animations is limited to. Automatic bone rotation fucks up the armature in some way, although it remains perfectly fine on its own, it causes animations to get fucked up. So TL;DR: If you want to preview animations inside of blender...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Tesla - The Nintendo Switch Overlay Menu

    What if we can open the menu by inputting the Konami Code, lmao 🠕 🠕 🠗 🠗 🠔 ➞ 🠔 ➞ B A
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    ROM Hack Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Pokemon Models and Textures

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl - - - - - - - - - - - - Pokemon - - - - - - - - - - - - Please not that this game stores models and textures very differently compared to how SwSh stores its files. This list should be correct for the most part, let me know if you see any errors This...
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    ROM Hack WIP [WIP] Sword and Shield Pokemon Models and Textures

    Tools Needed: - Switch ToolBox - AutoDesk FBX Converter - Blender - Source Tools Addon 1. Open the GFPAK of the mon you want in STB(Switch ToolBox) 2. Export the model to DAE 3. Export the desired animation to SMD 4. Open AutoDesk FBX Converter to convert the model DAE to FBX (THIS IS...
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    ROM Hack USUM IPS Patches

    Oh and btw, the Mega EvolvED patch for Ultra Moon(v1.2) doesn't work, my pokemon still return to their normal forms afterwards
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    ROM Hack USUM IPS Patches

    Sorry for the late reply, wasn't really expecting a reply from you so quickly. I've tested out all of the ones you mentioned: - 0A = "Poke Pelago" Button - 0B = "Pokemon Refresh" Button - 0C = "QR Scanner" Button - 0D = "Battle Video" Button So it still doesn't overwrite the trainer info...
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    ROM Hack USUM IPS Patches

    I know that the chances of this question being answered is low, but is it possible to change what button opens the PC in the "PC Anywhere" patch? Whenever I want to stop playing my randomizer and go SOS Shiny Hunting instead, I always turn off battle animations to speed up the hunt as much as...
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    ROM Hack Sword and Shield Move Models and Textures

    This list includes information for the following DLC: The Isle of Armor The Crown Tundra Listed Moves 666/666 Yes there are exactly 666 moves in the game Note: this doesn't include Dynamax moves yet. This thread lists all of the numeric IDs written in .gfpak file names, Some moves only use...
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    ROM Hack WIP [WIP] Sword and Shield Pokemon Models and Textures

    Wow that looks sick, any chance you could make textures for Shadow Mega Mewtwo X and Shadow Mega Mewtwo Y(doesn't exist, but Wynaut right?). I know that there are no megas in SwSh, but I can add the gen 1 megas as additional forms, so I could add that shadow Mewtwo + megas as additional forms...
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    ROM Hack WIP [WIP] Sword and Shield Pokemon Models and Textures

    Well, considering the amount of mods I've made using Blender, I'd say it's definitely possible: I'm currently at work though, considering it's quite lengthy to explain, I'll try and add a simple written tutorial at the bottom of the main post later today(don't quote me on that though). I'm...
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    ROM Hack [WIP] Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Pokemon Models, Textures and Animations

    I want to note out a small typo: Quoted from Gen 2: " 03088-03096: Houndoom 03097-03105: Female Hondoom 03106-03114: Mega Houndoom " the second Houndoom actually says "Hondoom" it's missing the "U" after the "O"
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    ROM Hack [XY/ORAS/SM] Custom 3D Models / Textures Sharing Thread

    Man I'd love to be able to edit models in OrAs, I can do so in SwSh but I never figured it out in OrAs
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    ROM Hack WIP Sword and Shield Trainer Models and Textures

    This list is still a [W.I.P.] and currently only lists all files related to the player model sorted in to categories, Later on I'll also add what clothing a specific file is (for example: Knit Beret(Pink) = fileX_00.gfpak) But for now I think this thread will already help people making player...
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    ROM Hack Discussion Pokemon Sword & Shield Custom Textures Showcase Thread

    QuickBMS was basically the way to extract files from the gfpaks and back into gfpaks after editing. It didn't work 100% of the time, the files that you got from it were named something like "0000000DA1" But in other words it was the way to do this stuff before STB got SwSh support. Yeah the...
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