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    Hacking need a little assistance with my acekard 2i and 3DS

    so theres nothing wrong with the 3ds its just not making contact even though my acekard works fine with my ds lite?
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    Hacking need a little assistance with my acekard 2i and 3DS

    not sure if this is the proper forum for me to post in since i didn't see a general "help" forum so here it goes... i have a acekard 2i. i've had it for about 2 years now that i use daily with my ds lite. i bought a used 3ds (with firmware 3.00-4U if it matters) and tried to insert my acekard...
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    Gaming Which Windows Install is better?

    yup, fresh install is always the best way to go. if you don't have any external hard drives just resize the free space your current OS partition and create a new one and move everything you want to keep on to that one and reformat the partition that held your old OS. external drives are so...
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    Hacking PSP & memory cards

    the adapter itself is about $3 bucks from hong kong (meritline, dealextreme, ebay, etc) vendors online. you can find a 16GB card for roughly about $20-$30 ish (meritline has a 16GB for $20) but i noticed you're in finland so i don't know how much you'd get charged for shipping so the final price...
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    Hacking Okay I've narrowed down my options to four.

    if you're interested in gba/snes emulation, dstwo. i went ahead and got an acekard because if i want to play gba/snes i have a psp (which i prefer anyway) for that although i don't ever play emulated games. mostly have them on "for the hell of it/just in case" moments.
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    has been confirmed legit yet?

    this thread is 4 months old. gameplayfun is legit, however i find it incredibly annoying how the website says you can track your package but it doesn't actually include any tracking information at all. you have to email them for it. p.s. lol my internet security program blocked some pictures...
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    Gaming [POLL] Do you take you 3DS to school?

    if i were in school i'd take it. i used to take my gameboys to school although i only took it out during lunch and i'd isolate myself because i was antisocial and i didn't want to risk someone asking to play it and then they "suddenly" lose it (which has happened to other kids.
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    Rarest GBA E-Reader E3 2002 Promo cards located!

    after all these years do you think nintendo would still bother awarding you a prize even if you did happen to get the winner card? assuming there still exist ones that haven't been claimed. assuming anyone is interested in it i bet the auction will end at $30 with the seller canceling the...
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    Gaming With the price drop, do you regret buying the 3DS early?

    i've paid zero attention to 3DS and had no interest in it probably because it looks exactly like the regular ds/dsl/dsi but as i was writing this post i checked the game play videos and it looks like regular PSP's quality lol even with the price cut its not worth it. who cares if you can play...
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    Gaming Just got a Wii this morning, what Games should i get?

    i spent more time than that on the psp version. shame it didn't have a multiplayer feature like wii (without xkai or ad party, anyway)
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    Man buys $330 000 home for $16

    good for him. you've gotta be determined as hell to find, research, and implement a way to legally own a house for $16 bucks. of course the neighbors are jelly, i think i would be as well but w/e let him be, since it was legal.
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    Gaming botched case replacement, need guidance

    well the points are still there so i thought i could just reheat the point and stick it back in or is it harder than it sounds like? thanks about the glue, i'll keep mind but i think the surface area is too tiny so i don't think the amount needed would be sufficient to allow it to bond without...
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    Kickgaming price matching 1.Order directly from our site. 2.Email us/Contact us with your order number and the web address of where the item is being advertised at a lower price. 3.We will refund the difference! theirs is $40 but sites like is $26 and your amazon...
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    Gaming botched case replacement, need guidance

    so i bought a replacement case from ebay and got it 2 weeks later. i've already become familiar opening the bottom part of the ds but this was my first time opening the top. after several several attempts to slide the top shells together (the right side's tracks were bent in, that's why it...
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