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    Hacking To Da Ltr A

    Da Ltr A and crew, It has just been shown to me that the cioscorp klinikal posted to gamingexposed was in fact a rip off of your work. Although i had no knowledge of this and would never have allowed it to be posted if i did I want to make a public apology for this, and also let it be known...
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    Hacking cIOScorp 3

    Haven't posted anything in a long while.... but had to drop this here.... SoftCorp Made by wanin for us allows you to patch ANY ios with just about any rev above 8. (install cios, run softcorp select ios to patch with that dip, done) So you can create your own up to date cioscorp at any point...
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    Hacking SoftMii CORE 3.0! Available Now!

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    Hacking USB Loader with force mode

    vetta thanks for catching that. will be fixing it as soon as im done dinner. left lines commented out before i compiled. oops. gonna look through my coding a second time as well to make sure i didnt forget anything else. Stupid mistake on my end. re-compiling now, going to post all at once in...
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    Hacking USB Loader with force mode

    Running late and having some work related issues will update this post when i get back with more of the loaders. just refresh this post to see if they are up yet. Included source to the base dol. Thanks to wiigator waninkoko kwiirk and wiipower for original sources and alterations. For ALL...
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    Hacking USB Loader with force mode

    damn its a good thing its just small changes to do all of this.... ok so at this point im looking at 8 dols. 4 for howardc's and 4 for bnrbandit. been thinking about it and there are so many possible combination of options, that i think this will be the best way to do it. 1 force ntsc for...
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    Hacking USB Loader with force mode

    will code up, compile and post tomorrow after work. Even though everyone knows no one of the softmii team knows anything about coding or compiling, lol. expect them around 6pm est time. Will be posting 3 dols. all of them ocarina disabled, however holding 1 after hitting start will enable...
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    Hacking USB Loader with force mode

    good idea, lol
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    Hacking USB Loader with force mode

    setting it to buttons can be done with the following code added into the geckomenu.c Not tested as i just hardcode my setting into default dols for each set of circumstances and use the correct one for each game. However it should work as all of this code is extracted directly from the...
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    Hacking WBFS Manager and Channel Creator 2.0!

    got bored here is the autobooting booter.dol that does no autoforcing, but enables ocarina. will probably make ones that force ntsc, pal50, and pal60 later, if no one beats me to it
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    Hacking Preloader 0.30 preview

    Not in .3 it doesn't. Crediar has altered boot2 to load preloader instead of the system menu, from its own custom title location, it is no longer stored in 001-002 its in a different location. the system menu is untouched, and remains in its default location and naming. only a replacement of...
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    Hacking Waninkoko's NAND iso Loader

    USB 2.0 CIOS (way faster than 6x) + loading games without dvd That is the point. Jeesh people think things magically appear without any proof of concepts
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    Hacking I've lost Starfall?!?

    If you want the hold y on gamecube hack you will need to use ARC mod 5 to install the starfall like hacks into your system menu, and then install preloader.
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    Hacking Unsoftmoddable Wii

    I personally am thinking this isnt something nintendo has done to block homebrew/backups.... I am starting to lean towards a batch of wii's with bad sections on nand.... as i've had three people with this issue, and not one of them has been able to dump their nand without getting error reading...
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