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    How to fix a broken system menu

    I did run in to that behaviour a lot when customizing my wara wara plaza (also following on of your posts, thanks!) Anyway, I eventually got this fixed! That mod of FTPiiU is really nice, has a lot of cool features. It actually took 3 attempts of uploading the previous working theme files to...
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    How to fix a broken system menu

    I thought uninstalling cbhc would result in a full brick! Thanks a tonne for your help, I'll try that ftpiiu mod as soon as I can
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    Homebrew Share and Download custom Wii U Themes

    I ran in to the exact same issue as major_mew, as a PSA to everyone else, do NOT try deleting the men/men2 files. I thought that might help clear some sort of cache but all it did was mess up the permissions on the files when I re-uploaded them. I suggest just turning off the WiiU from the FTP...
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    How to fix a broken system menu

    I was theming the system menu and have sort of soft bricked. CBHC works fine, so I can get in to the HBL... but the system menu won't load. It gets stuck on the splash screen playing the boot sound. However, if I launch SDCafiine with a theme in the folder, the menu runs fine. To clarify what...
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    Hacking Cannot play new games due to inability to update.

    Ooohh, thanks, way back when I modded my wii, modmii wasn't in existance... woops.
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    Hacking Cannot play new games due to inability to update.

    So when I tried playing some Wii games I got... ages ago (Animal crossing and Skyward Sword), I saw the menu animation, but upon clicking play, the creeen went black, and stayed that way. Other, older games still work. I then opened priloader, turned off all the hacks, and tried again. The...
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    Workers in Chinese Apple Factories Forced to Not Kill Selves

    Do you think Foxconn is doing this to protect the workers or it's profits? profits, obviously. Do you think Apple is aware of this requirement to employees? of course they are, why would we know if they don't? Do you think Apple will attempt to improve the conditions? of course not, when...
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    Haddad's First Giveaway Contest!

    that's really cool that you're doing this! sure would like an acekard ;3
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    3DS Video Service

    i actually liked the video a lot! it showed up fine to me... if not exactly SUPER DUPER HD.
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    Hacking Crediar just Released 3DSaveTool!

    so, just to clear this up, the goal now would be to open save files and look for some sort of an exploit that can be created by editing some games save file... sounds like a similar path as that of PSP hacking.
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    Call of Privacy: Modern Spyware By PlayStation Network

    really not that big of a deal as long as you trust your CFW or aren't on a CFW. but seriously, was i the only one VERY disturbed by the OTHER data they were gathering?? this seems to be a bigger point in the article! i don't want Sony knowing how much i play which games, what kind of TV i have...
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    3DS UK line-up confirmed

    well... i guess the UK got a better deal than the rest of the world... i wanted to buy it on launch day in Canada until i heard about the shitty US launch list 9usually the same as ours)... but at least the UK gets ONE game i would have wanted... Rayman and to think, there was a LONG list of...
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    Sony sends out DMCA Takedown Notices!

    i agree with xist. however that's not to say that sony hasn't done MANY loathsome things. like removing the ability to ply PS2 games froma console that is PLENTY powerfull enouh to play them, they had to do extra work to make the product WORSE for the customer (called an anti-feature) it's stuff...
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    3DS North American Launch Titles

    this is VERY dissapointing... i wanted the 3DS for the impressive list of seemingly awesome games that were going to come out for it, then on launch it comes out with nothing but crap! unless you are a fighting game fan or a little kid, the launch titles suck! i really wanted to get it on launch...
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