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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    I'm also waiting for this ^^
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    Dying Light Platinum Edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch

    I already done the game, but I'm interested to see how it run
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    ROM Hack Suggestion The Legend of Zelda BOTW (remove cel-shading)

    Yeah it could be very cool, at least on the mariko units to do that
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    Nintendo officially reveals the OLED model Nintendo Switch console

    I did not expect anything but I am still disappointed, I'm waiting for the Zelda like in the good old days, a mario kart exclusive to the switch, and a switch 4k, of course
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    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 E3 2021 trailer, launches 2022

    Bruh, it's ugly as the first one, I liked so much the first trailer with link on a horse with the slow motion when he takes his bow... But the first botw didn't look like that lol
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    Hacking Hack SXOS

    I have just tested : switch unpatched / sx os 3.1.0 / emunand hidden partition 11.0.0 - sx os launch normally on emunand - when you go on album it open the sx menu with "free licence" unstead invalid licence - xci works directly Tomorrow I will show proof and I will make an easy tutorial ^^ You...
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    Hacking Hack SXOS

    Read the thread more carefully
  8. agpixel

    Hacking Hack SXOS

    The xci feature is a big thing for me, imagine get that in a single homebrew, it would be super cool
  9. agpixel

    Hacking Hack SXOS

    Oh really?
  10. agpixel

    Hacking Hack SXOS

    fun :)
  11. agpixel

    Hacking Hack SXOS

    Yes it seems to work, but currently it's not the last version, very cool though ! It need some trials to launch but it launch :) I need to downgrade to test all features
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    Hacking Hack SXOS

    Nope sorry
  13. agpixel

    Hacking Hack SXOS

    Nope it's not, I'm currently testing his solution and it seams real. my battery is low but I have seen the emunand enabled without licence, there is a nro file, and a boot.dat file, the licence.dat can be anything
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