Sono's software and hardware misfortunes

This is an organizational group created to not clog up the main forums with the content made by @Sono.

The main purpose of this group is to create organized threads of
  • rereleased homebrew which has been made unavailable for download
  • homebrew and tools never released before
  • new development of homebrew and tools, with tester feedback
  • very specific patches made to the 3DS software suite (mostly sysmodule patches)
  • documentation which might not fit 3dbrew
  • documentation of the inner workings of homebrew, tools, and patches, with Q&A
  • documenting certain things which haven't yet been made into code, with Q&A
  • constructive criticism to improve the homebrew, tools, and patches someone might need

This group is not
  • tech support for things outside of this group (tech support goes into the already existing respective threads)
  • source code beggary (I'm still very protective of full source releases, but trying to relax it as much as possible)

By joining this group, it's assumed that you already know
  • how to use a hacked 3DS (FBI, GM9)
  • some internals of the 3DS (ARM CPU, NAND, MCU, I2C, SPI, what they do, etc.)
  • how to use commandline tools
  • how to handle backups and data corruption (NAND restore, or sacrificial SD reformatting, where needed)

Sono's software and hardware misfortunes

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