Slaphappygamer's Scrabble Room

Face it, Scrabble is really cool. Making as many words as you can in just one turn. I've made 5 words at once.......once! Scored one hundred-fourty-something points! My favorite is when you place a tile, like a W, on a Triple Letter space and also get a Double Word spot. Now that 4 point W is worth 24 points! I've been playing for a while and have learned lots of nice words to play. I use Words with Friends 2 on my phone for my Scrabble fix. If you like Scrabble as much as I do, join me!

My only request is PLEASE DON'T CHEAT, you wreck the game.

If you have Words with Friends 2, add Slaphappygamer.

What are your favorite moves?

Slaphappygamer's Scrabble Room

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