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Jump Ultimate Stars (J)

Everything Unlocked, EZ-flash V 64KB file41 Solo decks and9 Duo decks made by meThe 50 decks contain all 56 characters and all 59 move setBankai Ichigo ≠ Shikai Ichigo ( different move set )Kyuubi Narutoi ≠ Naruto ( different move set )Caramelman J ≠ Dr. Mashirito ( different move set )Vegetto = Goku (same move set )( also applied to 3 other DBZ characters )Shinsetsu Bo-Bobo = Bo-Bobo ( same move set )Ikiran-Patch = Don-Patch ( same move set )Gold Pegasus Seiya = Seiya ( same move set )White Swan Yoh ≈ Yoh ( same move set + increase range )Perfect Clima Tact Nami ≈ Nami ( 50% same move set )Luffy gear 2nd ≈ Luffy (almost same move set )(or same move set + increase range + different sprite )to convert go to to Shuny
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