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Lunar Knight

Lucian: level 99VIT: 50SPR: 21SKILL: 50 Aaron: level 99VIT: 50SPR: 38SKILL: 50have 15 'Warrior's Ethics' used on Aaronthe last 'Warrior's Ethics' is stored on bankItems:have every item at least once, except 'Winner Stick'Enhance Weapons:Vanargand: level 16 (max)Jormungandr: level 11Hel: level 12Knight: level 16 (max)Dragoon: level 11Bomber: level 11Witch: level 16 (max)Shield:All shield obtained and maxedAccessories:All obtainedShooting Battle:Stage 1: SStage 2: SStage 3: SStage 4: BEX Stage: ---Boss Battle:S rank on every Boss Battle on both Gold and Platinum for both charactersTitle List 1:Dark KnightSol Gunner? ? ? (max all Dark Swords)? ? ? (max all Solar Guns)GuardianTreasure Hunter? ? ? (Unlock all Sound Data)Title List 2:Huntmaster? ? ? (S rank on every Shooting Battle)GladiatorSpecial AgentWandereAdventurer? ? ? (unlock after having all above title)Finished the game on all three difficultAcekard 2 / CycloDS / EDGE / MS Simply / NinjaDS / R4/ Supercard CF / Supercard One / Supercard SD / Toy Toy DS (.sav)to convert go to to Shuny
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