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Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars

100% Completed85 Gold medalDealers (80/80)Safehouses (21/21)Unique Stunt Jumps (30/30)Security Cameras (100/100)Odd Jobs (25/25)/(31/31[There are 6 fire fighter on 4 locations])Rampage (35/35)Guardian Lions/Lions of Fo (2/2)Addition Completion:Scratch Cards (38/38)Times cheated = 0Mission Replay (14/60 Gold medal Obtained)Wu 'Kenny' Lee (14/14)Wade Heston (0/10)/Chan Joaming (3/8)Hsin Joaming (0/9)Zhou Ming (0/9)Lester (0/4)Rudy D'Avanzo (0/4)Xin (0/2)Drugs (Storage for drug are beyond 10'000)9999 Heroin9999 Coke9999 Ecstasy9999 Acid 9999 Weed9999 Downers$1'000'000+Limited-Edition bulletproof "Hellenbach" vehicle (Unlocked)Acekard RPG / EZFlash V savesto convert go to to Shuny
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