For finding the MK11 v1.0.10 Inf Health Pointer 2019-10-19

MK11, Inf Health P1 tools.

  1. Smoker1
    OK, no idea about MK11. All the 2 Depth Level Codes do not work with C00 Max Offset. Tested all 33, and none of the 2 Level worked. The Codes that were obviously 1 Level Depth Codes, we have the same Issue. 1st one starts to work, then goes away. 2nd one gives the Switching back and forth Issue, but the last 1 Depth Level eventually causes a Error. Codes that did work, but kept switch back and forth / Off/On.....

    MK11 Codes 1.0.10 that have Issues. Max Offset was C00, Depth of 2
    [Inf Health P1 Started to work]
    58000000 0A67CF60
    78000000 00000B98
    64000000 00000000 3F800000

    [Inf Health P1 Switches]
    58000000 0A67D0B0
    78000000 00000B98
    64000000 00000000 3F800000

    So both these have trouble working properly. They want to work, but they keep going Off/On, and keep switching between 1P/CPU. I am curious if they can be Modified to reflect Optantic's Codes.
    @eco95 - How did you and Optantic search for the Health? Any info will help.

    As stated before (unclearly), This is the Memory Dump, with (hopefully) all the Info for trying to find the Pointer.
    Use JNoexs Pointer Search.
    Target Address - 13E1FDFD98 . NOTE - 13E1FDFD94 deals with only the RED part of the Health Bar Graphic.
    MAIN starting Address - 016D0040000
    MAIN ending Address - 0177E5B000
    Health Value should be 3F800000

    If you can find the Pointer, awesome. Hope this helps the effort for finding the Code we need.
    Mortal Kombat 11
    TitleID - 0100F2200C984000
    BuildID - 7dd420a59ee310dd (Current Version 1.0.10 (v655360)

    Max Depth of 2 with Offset set to C00 did not yield any working Pointers. Proceeding with Depth Level of 3.
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