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  1. Smoker1
    So I was trying to Update a App, and for some reason, things went bad. So I had to start from scratch. Problem was, I though I needed a LayeredFS Mod to get things Unlocked like Skins, and other Character Items, due to the Unlock Cheats (Per Version) only Unlock specific Items (Characters, Music, Backgrounds, Endings,..... .
    Turns out the LayeredFS Mod is basically a Cheat File that is Automatically Applied, and does NOT Unlock Skins.

    Good thing I did not delete this Save File. I forgot about it completely. I believe I found this on a "Dark" (keyword) Site that is now down for a Unknown reason.

    Things Unlocked in this Save
    100% Story
    Quite a few Skins (LK GOD Skin is NOT Unlocked :( )
    Quite a few Intros
    Quite a few Fight Endings (I think)
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