ACA NeoGeo SamSho 1-2 Memory Dumps for Pointer Search 2020-03-04

EdiZon, JNoexs, Pointer Search, Cheat Search

  1. Smoker1
    OK, this Game is VERY complicated. When Searching for the Initial Address, they will come up in the MAIN, instead of HEAP where they SHOULD be. This is making the Pointer Address Search a problem with the PointerSearcher Tool. It is only created for typical Items where the Initial Address is in HEAP.

    The Inf Round Time is not a Problem. Those were found easily. Samsho1, the Pointer works perfectly. Samsho2, it is Static, so no Pointer Needed.

    NOTE - Both Games for Health and POW, the Address changes every Round.

    All Information included in the Zip. I also included the MAME Cheat Files, so you can see that the Cheat in MAME Requires specific Offsets, so the Pointer should possibly contain something that has the last 3-4 of the Address and Offset Values.