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Castlevania Portrait of Ruin 1.0

File 1 Jonathan Normal mode LV.71HP max up x 20Mp max up x 20Time: 22:56:03Map 1000% Gold: 9'999'999Enemies 100%Item 100% Quest 100%Skill 100% + 100% MasteredCOPY of FILE 2File 2 Jonathan Hard mode Max LV.01HP max up x 32Mp max up x 32Time: 28:31:30Map 1000% Gold: 9'999'999Enemies 100%Item 100% Quest 94.59% (Abandon Greed{use up all my gold...},Build Your Strength 4{not possible in this mode})Skill 100% + 100% MasteredFile 3 Sisters Normal mode LV.41HP max up x 15Mp max up x 10+Time: 02:56:36Map 997.1% (Is the max % in this mode) Gold: 1500File 4 Richter Normal mode LV.50HP max up x 16Mp max up x 12+Time: 05:00:44Map 1000% Gold: 1500PS: Old Axe Armor mode is also unlocked and availableAcekard RPG / EZFlash V savesto convert go to to Shuny
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