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Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack 0.7b

This is a beta unfinished English translation for the third game in the Boktai series on GBA. Boktai 3, known as Shin Bokura no Taiyou: Gyakushuu no Sabata was never released in the US, unlike the previous two GBA Boktai games (and Lunar Knights). The patch is unfinished, but is complete enough that the entire game script is translated. You should be able to complete the entire game. There are several patches included in the archive-

shinbok_e_0.7b.ips - This is the main patch. It includes the game script, map
labels, menu titles, and a few other minor changes.

name_entry.ips - This patch converts the name entry screen to the english
version but breaks the password entry screen.

menus.ips - This patch translates the main menu but messes up some of
the other screens.

solar_sensor.ips - This hack allows you to adjust the solar gauge level by
holding the R button and pressing left or right. Can be
difficult not to trigger accidentally, especially during
motorcycle segments.

Obviously as said above, be wary using all patches together, they may cause glitches. I also recommend you go here to download a better version of the solar sensor patch which doesn't interfere with the motorcycle like the one mentioned above-

You will need an original copy of the Japanese rom, and you will also need a rom patching tool such as gbata. Read the included readme for more important information about the patch.

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