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Final Fantasy VI Advance SNES sound restoration 1.0

This is an IPS patch for the European version of Final Fantasy VI Advance. Continuing with what he did for FF5A, Bregalad has also released a SNES music restoration patch for Final Fantasy VI Advance. The GBA port had noticeably low quality sound, and for apparently no good reason besides poor porting on TOSE's part.

This patch completely restores the sound quality of the original SNES game. It also restores several sound effects (wind and rain) and the menu cursor beep. But most impressive is a fully orchestrated streaming version of the Opera scene with Maria and Draco. The opera now uses real live recorded voices and instruments recorded from a soundtrack for the game, so no more electronic voices and instruments. This is why the patch file is so large in size. Bregalad managed to downsize and optimize the game code itself to fit streaming music into the original rom size (which is 16MB). Well worth the effort.

Only apply this to a European copy of Final Fantasy VI Advance. Attempting to do so to a different region of the rom will result in corruption. You will need to apply the patch to the rom with a program such as gbata.

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