I found something very important to me today.

This is a random post but I found my copy of Super Smash Bros melee! I love this game to death! I had lost it years ago and wanted to play it on multiple occasions but couldn't find the Disc for it! I found it today cleaning my book shelf. My shef used to be a shared space between games and books, my GC collection was on that shelf, Smash bros was in the back so I couldn't see it, when I got my entertainment center, I moved my GC collection, and I thought it would be a smart idea to migrate books while moving the collection, guess it got buried and didn't notice, anyway I started cleaning my book shelf, a garage sale was coming and the books on the shelf were old and read. So while getting them out, I found the game tucked away behind books in the corner of the back of the shelf, hitting the fiber board cover that stopped books from falling. Anyway, here is a link to the Game case. disc and assorted manuals including a Nintendo Power Advertisement! :)

Pictures of my copy :3

Not a very interesting find, just a find I treasured, and the story is interesting to, part of me feels stupid for not looking there in the first place, but that just tells how much I have used my bookshelf in recent years XD!


Yooo, nice :D
Can't beat that feeling of finding a long lost game, especially one that's near and dear to you. I think the most impactful ones are Pokemon games.
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I have Pokemon channel in my collection. That game was the best, might've been boring but for child me, it was perfect! Especially the squirtel shopping channel!
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Man, haven't gotten to play Pokemon Channel yet! Definitely need to go back and relive that part of Pokemon history, haha. Granted I was three years old when that came out x3
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I agree with Halo, I found my Pokemon Red game from way back and it still had my saves and my Pokemon trades from a friend back in the 90s. I wonder if he would remember them...good times. Used my memory backup card thing and made a copy of save to have for eternity.:gba:
Pokemon channel is a pretty plain game but it is interesting, and you should play it!
I found a copy a few years ago, salvaged from one of my sisters just abandoning it. I don't believe it's the one we had back in 2003. Those first couple GC games are just lost, and have been since we moved several times. It's really scratched up, but it still works. I haven't played it extensively to test out its durability, one day I want to buy a backup copy because you can never be sure.
Oh, that's too bad. My fondest video game memories were on Game Cube, it had some great games! Hopefuly one day you can get new copies of games lost.
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@doughmay I'll go load up an emulator or something later!

@Todderbert Yeah, you said it! I lost my Pokemon Platinum copy many years ago, but it was my first Pokemon game. I was 8 years old at the time. But! Before losing it, i was able to transfer all my Pokemon to newer games. My first ever Pokemon, my little Chimchar that's now a Lv. 100 Infernape, is sitting in a save of Pokemon black on my hard drive and on the cloud. Never losing that. That little piece of data means so much to me, haha.
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