Denver Comic Con 2017, my day at the con!

Hey! So yesterday, June 30th 2017, I went to the Denver Comic Con for one day with my friend, usually her and another one of her friends go for three days but one friend had to work and the other still wanted to go, so they invited me. We didn't end up going until 2 in the afternoon due to some issues in the morning. Once we got inside the convention center though, the con was in full swing! This had been my first convention in a very long time, so I was excited! We spent most of the day inside the show floor, we saw all the booths, writers, animators, celebrities, anime shops, plushie shops, it was all there! There were many cosplayers, and I saw just about one character from many different franchises, many of the costumes were elaborate and looked amazing! It was probably the first time I'd seen people dress up like that besides Halloween, I'd even go as far to say that the cosplayers made Halloween look unoriginal and the same thing every year! after seeing just about everything on the show floor, we went and took a break, we got food from the corner restaurant in the center, and if you have gone to the Denver convention Center and got food there you know just how awful it is! The fries were starchy, the burger was dry, but we were thirsty and hungry anyway so we ate it, my friend paid for my lunch which was nice, but after we both expressed feelings of disappointment with the food we got. At least it wasn't just me who thought the food was bad. After taking a break it was about 6 PM, and the show floor closed at 7, so we had to hurry and shop, as we spent the first few hours looking at things we wanted to buy as well as everything else. So I bought a unicorn plushie with a light up horn, it is so cute! I bought it from a store called Beefy & Co, you can find them on google with a quick search! I then bought 3 pins from the Cyanide and Happiness booth, the pins were 3 for 20 USD, kind of expensive but it would've been 10 USD each so i just bought 3 since it was more economical! After the pins, I bought a large mystery box full of gamer related items, but my box had a lot of Ron Burgundy things from Anchorman, I liked the movies so i can't complain, but not exactly gamer related! Then I hauled my box over to the last store I would buy from, The Wizards Chest! They had a cute pink R2D2 bag that I had to have, I also picked up 2 keychains there! When I was checking out an announcement was made about the floor closing in 5 minutes, so I was nervous I wouldn't get checked out in time, but I did and left as they were closing! After the floor closed, we went to the opening weekend ceremony at 7:30, they had comedians on, I thought they were hilarious but my friend didn't think so we decided to just go home, I ran out of money anyway, but I was still happy I got to see the show floor of the event! I am very excited for next year, as I will most likely buy a 3 day pass for myself! DCC 2017 was great!


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