Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's WC2011 (U) Password Table?

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    I want to know what a good method is for finding a password lookup table for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Over The Nexus WC2011 (US version). I tried looking at this code:

    Game ID - BYYJ-5B4A1601
    Key in Password to Play Music
    521433A8 E5950080
    521443A8 E3510000
    E2000140 00000038
    02145A6F E51F000C
    E5D00000 E3C010F0
    E1A02220 E3A0300A
    E0201293 E3500047
    83A00048 E3A01001
    E3A02000 E3E03000
    EB00D31D EA0510BD
    0214446C EAFAEF34
    021443FC E3520006
    021443A8 E3510006
    D2000000 00000000
    But when I look at and around 02000140-02000340, I don't get anything. I tried comparing the values that are at 02000140 in the (J) version to the values at 02000140 (and through 02000340) in the (U) version to no avail. I need some advice on how to find this, because my method didn't work, and I don't know what else to try. If nobody can give any advice, can someone at least find the address that the table starts at? I want to know if there is a "hidden" password for the Alternate Art cards in the table. 80906030 is Blue Eyes White Dragon's Alternate Art password in other Yu-Gi-Oh! games, but it doesn't work in this game...