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    I started a similar thread about DSTT Firmware a while back & that's how I found out about YSMenu
    I don't know if Yasu actually reads anything in these posts - but if he did, what would YOU like him to add to the next update

    I'll make a start (Sorry for the bad pictures)

    I would like to be able to use 'Icons' instead of text for the DMA/Reset/Cheat
    Currently you get:-_____-But I'll like to have something like:-

    The way I'd would like to do it would be to change within the YSMenu.ini something like:-
    CHEAT=Cheat to CHEAT=/YSMenu/Cheat.bmp
    DMA=DMA to DMA=/YSMenu/DMA.bmp
    RESET=Reset to RESET=/YSMenu/Reset.bmp

    How about a 'COLOR_VERSION=' option in [FILELIST]
    What this does is change BOTH the 'Yasu Software - YSMenu' text AND the 'Version no.' text (that pops up when you tap the 'Yasu Software..') to the same colour
    Currently the 'YS Software ...' is fixed in White ink & the 'Version No' is in Black ink. so you need a dark background to see the 'YS Software' but a light background to see the 'version no'

    [​IMG] Can YOU see the 'Yasu Software' text on this theme ??

    On the subject of the 'Yasu Software' line, I would also like to add something like '#TIME','#DATE' or '#TIMEDATE'/'#DATETIME' to the 'Version=' option (e.g. 'Version=#TIMEDATE')
    What this does is replace the 'Yasu Software' text with the current Time/Date (Whatever you chosen)

    When you press [Start] you get a 'extra options' menu up which you can add external Apps to
    The only problem is that the size of the buttons are dependant on the Text you use, so when you add new External Apps - the menu starts to look a bit messy


    What I would like is the all Buttons are fixed in size (80Pixels wide - perhaps) and IF you have any added Ext Apps then the 3 Default options (PassMe/GBA/DS menu) are all moved to the top of the screen
    & I would also like it so that you can position any Ext apps elsewhere on screen (maybe with 'EXT_APP1_X=','EXT_APP1_Y=' in the YSMenu.ini) - just to make it look more organised

    Some layouts could then look like [the Red ones are the standard PassMe/GBA/DSMenu):-

    1 ExtApp added:

    2 ext apps added:

    6 ext apps added:

    On a side note - I would like the Icons on ExtApp buttons to show the one that's stored in the actual Application & not the default [YS] icon


    Other than these added features, I'm very happy about Yasu program (Much better than the current DSTT menu) - just wish I knew how to program so I could alter it myself (with permission of course) [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the info - but

    a) I didn't know about his BBS [​IMG] 'cos I never looked for it
    b) I can't Read Japanese [​IMG] So don't know what to click on to post
    c) I don't really expect that he will add them (although if he does, Brilliant) - just curious on what other people would like to see