Yet another Wii Homebrew Guide

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    Yet another Wii Homebrew Guide


    (Please read this thoroughly, it will save you headaches later)

    Q: What is this guide?

    A: A compilation of everything you should do to a virgin (no softmods) Wii

    Q: Is this Legal?

    A: Yes, It is perfectly legal, but Nintendo will not repair/support your Wii after you do this, as your warrenty is no longer valid. In addition, downloading ROMS/ISOS (Games that you normally have to pay for) is piracy which is probably illegal depending on where you live. It is also morally wrong (how can these people sleep at night?) and if done wrong, can turn your computer into a breeding ground for viruses. This also applies to downloadable (Virtual Console/Wii Ware) software as well.

    Q: What can go wrong?

    A: First of all, there is ALWAYS a small chance you can brick your Wii (When I say small, I mean 0.1 > Chance of bricking your wii). When I say brick, I mean your Wii is now a plastic brick that is good for nothing but a paperweight/doorstop. Also, your chance of bricking is increased dramatically when you don’t FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. If you have ever rooted/jailbroken a phone, Xbox, Playstation, or anything similar successfully, this will be a piece of cake. (Or easy as pie)

    Q: Does this cost money?

    A: No, unless you brick, which obviously means you have to buy a new Wii.

    Q: What do I need?

    A: 1 Wii (NO WII MINI’S OR WII U’S WII MODE), An SD Card with 2GB OR LESS, A Classic(No Wii MotionPlus) remote, A computer that can read SD cards, internet at your house, a piece of paper and a pencil to record info, and some free time.

    Q: Is my Wii Compatible?

    A: Any type of Wii (original, not U) is compatible except for the Wii Mini (No Wifi, No SD Card slot, 1 USB, and No GameCube support).

    Q: I have a Wii Mini/Wii U. Can I still hack it?

    A: For the Wii Mini, No, and probably not ever. For Wii U, partially, but I dont have a guide at this time. One wil be posted by me by request, but other people have made them.

    Q: Besides bricking, what do I have to lose?

    A: Most importantly, your warranty will no longer be valid. This means Nintendo will no longer support your Wii (repair it for free/cheap, supply updates, and care about it’s state of being at all). There is no way to keep your warranty while doing this.

    Q: What can I do once it is hacked?

    A: You can use Homebrew Apps(software not made by Nintendo), Put all your games on a USB, Play games from other countries, watch movies on USB’s/Sd Card’s/DVD’s on your Wii (DVD’s only work on Wii’s made before 2009-ish), Change the background on the home screen, Move your disc channel, Use emulators(Not always legal, consult google/government websites), Cheat in games, and SO MUCH MORE!!!:)

    Q: Can I unhack it?

    A: Yes, but there is no point in doing so because a jailbroken Wii does everything a normal Wii can plus more. In addition, the process is very dangerous and difficult and you are likely to brick your Wii. Finally, no matter what you do to a hacked Wii, It will still have traces of the hack (Nothing that anybody at your house/gamestop can see, but Nintendo can), meaning you can never get your warrenty back, it is gone forever.

    Q: How do you know all this?


    Q: What steps do I follow?
    A: You at least need to install the homebrew channel, and I recommend following the whole guide.

    Q: Anything Else about what I need?

    A: First of all, don’t plug in the nunchuck during the initial hacking process. Also, do not use an SDHC card unless you are willing to start over if it doesn’t work, some work, most don't. Also, I recommend an external hard drive to backup your games to of at least 250GB, preferably 500GB if you have a lot of games.

    Without further ado, let’s begin!

    Section 1: Internet Settings

    • If your wii is already connected to the internet and at version 4.3, skip to step 9.
    • There are ways to do this without Internet, but I will not include them here.
    1. Turn on the Wii and Press A to pass the safety warning.
    2. Click on the Wii Logo in the bottom left corner.
    3. Go to Wii Settings>>>Page 2>>>Internet>>>Connection Settings
    4. Select an empty connection, then go to Wireless Connection>>>Search for an access point.
    5. When It finishes loading, click on Ok, then tap the name of your router and enter the password.
    6. Hit Ok three times. It will test the connection. If it doesn’t connect, you did something wrong.
    7. It will ask you to check for updates if it connects right. Say yes.
    8. It will check for updates. If it says there are none, move on to section 2. Otherwise, wait.
    9. Turn your Wii on if it turned off and go back to Wii>>>Wii Settings.
    10. Write down the version of 4.3 you have (UEJK).This can be found in the top-right corner. If you don’t have 4.3, go to Page 3 and re-update.
    11. Go to Page 2>>Wii Connect 24>>>Next>>>I Accept. You will be taken to the main menu.
    12. Go to Wii>>>Wii Settings>>>Wiiconnect24>>>Wiiconnect24>>>Off>Confirm
    13. Go to Internet>>>Console Information. Write down your MAC Address.
    14. Turn off the Wii.
    Section 2: Launching the exploit.

      • Go to your computer and insert your SD card.
      • Go to Windows Explorer, right click your card, Format, and set it to FAT32 file system.
      • Right click the program and run as administrator
      • Enter the MAC address you got in Section 1, your region number, and version 4.3
      • Check “Bundle the Hackmii Installer” and “Copy to Device” and select your SD card.
      • Click the green letter.
      • If it completes successfully, take the SD card out of your computer and put it in the Wii.
      • Turn on the Wii and click on the letter in the bottom right corner.
      • Go to Yesterday and you should see a green Letter. Open it to start hacking. If you don’t see it, make sure the date on your Wii is right, then try again.
    Section 3: Installing Main Hacks

    1. Press 1 after it loads. Go to Install Homebrew Channel>>>Yes, Continue.
    2. Wait for it to load, then hit Continue. Go to BootMii>>>prepare sd card and wait.
    3. Do the same thing for Install BootMii as ios, and BootMii as Boot2 if you can (Some Wii’s post-2009 cannot).
    4. Now return to the main menu and exit the installer.
    5. You will be taken to the new homebrew channel. Press the home button and shutdown.
    6. Take the SD Card out and turn the Wii back on.
    7. There should be a new channel labeled “Homebrew Channel” Open It.
    8. If you did this right, it will launch. Congratulations, you have softmodded your Wii.

    Keep following to do some highly recomended tasks

    Section 4: Backing Up your Wii

    • Put the SD Card back into your Wii
    • Turn it off and back on again.
    • You will be in the BootMii Menu now. If not go into the Homebrew channel and press +, then select BootMii.
    • In this menu, use the power button to cycle through the options, and the reset button to select them. Go to the last symbol (two gears) and select it.
    • Select the first symbol (a green arrow and an SD Card).
    • Wait until all of the small blocks are filled in. This will take about 30 Minutes.
    • When it is done go to the arrow and select it.
    • Select the box with “Wii” in it to exit to the system menu.
    • Turn off your Wii
    • Take the SD Card out of your Wii and put it into your computer
    • Copy/Paste the “bootmii” folder, as well as the keys.bin and the nand.bin files to a safe place. You will need this in order to fix your wii in some bricking situations

            1. Once you have backed up the three items in the previous step, format your SD Card

    Section 5: Priiloader

    Always have Priiloader installed after this, as it eliminates many of the usual brick causes!

    1. Go to and download the latest version
    2. Download
    3. Copy the priiloader zip to your SD Card
    4. Open the Hacks folder with 7zip (or your prefered image opener)
    5. Copy the 4.3 File to /apps/Priiloader
    6. Take the SD Card out of your computer and put it into your wii
    7. Turn on your wii and launch the homebrew channel
    8. Open the priiloader installer from the homebrew channel.
    9. Press A To install
    10. Turn off your wii
    11. Turn your wii back on while holding down the reset button. Priiloader will now start.
    12. Select “System Menu Hacks” and enable the folowing
      1. Region Free EVERYTHING
      2. Block Disk Updates
      3. Remove NoCopy Save File Protection
      4. Block Online Updates
      5. Remove Diagnostic Disk Check
      6. Move Disk Channel
      7. Auto Press A At Health Screen
    13. Select Save Settings
    14. Exit to System Menu
    15. Turn off your Wii
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