Yet another which method do I use to get to 4.0

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by fotd, Apr 2, 2009.

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    I'm sorry to do this but there is just too much conflicting info out there. I'm currently on 3.2U on NTSC-U with preloader 0.28 and softmii 2.1.1 with cioscorp (not v2) with wanin's new cIOS rev9 installed. I would like to upgrade to system 4.0 while still being able to run backups from the disk channel, with the exception of one game that requires gamma, as well as the HDD loader. I really am looking forward to running wiiware from an sd card. Which method would you recomend and why? Who has used Waninkoko's method on a NTSC-U 3.2 system succesfully? If his method works why would I rely on Nintendo for the update? Once again I'm sorry to ask this again, but I can't afford to brick this wii and there seems to be too many conflicting reports out there. Please advise me.
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    the logic behind your post itself is faulty.

    it relies on the assumption that information is going to be less confusing, more direct, more accurate, and the most correct, simply because it is posted in this thread rather than another already-existing.

    that makes no sense, and no one should respond to your question, you need to read and make your own informed decisions.