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    Mar 31, 2009
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    Okay, I have an old HDD here (10GB [​IMG] ). When USB Loader was released on 31st, that was the first drive I tested it with, installing Zelda and Overkill. After that, I put my 250GB HDD back into that external enclosure and worked with that one. So both HDDs used the same enclosure, and both ran just fine with USB Loader.

    Today, I swiched back to the 10GB HDD. WBFS tool on my PC said it was empty, so I just copied over another game (Okami). Running USB Loader, he didn't find Okami, but Overkill and Zelda. [​IMG] So I tried to re-init the drive with the wbfs-tool, but that didn't help. I deleted the partition, wbfs-partition and games still found by the tool. I deleted the partition table and built up a new one. After that, a formated the entire drive as a single fat32 partition using a complete format (not that quick format thing) - games were gone, but wbfs-partition was still there (I did NOT call init). USB-Loader didn't ask to initialize the drive either but found an empty drive. So it was an fat32 drive and wbfs drive at the same time? [​IMG]

    Deleted the partition again and created an empty one (wbfs partition still found). After that copied Okami again onto it and the Wii found it after that - but wasn't able to start it, USB-Loader just keeps crashing. Switching back to the other HDD (250GB) in the same enclosure, everything works fine.

    I wonder why he still finds the wbfs-partition at all, after all these steps? Is there any way to delete this wbfs stuff completely to "really" re-initialize the drive (without low-level-format if possible)?
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