xRegistry backup and DLC activation

Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by dlf, Apr 20, 2011.

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    I extracted the registry files from the old 250 GB (where I thought I had active(d) some PS1/PSN material) it doesn't seem that way. Any get downloads I paid & download (PS1 classics, PSN content) to work again? . . . . . . Short of updating to 3.6(+)
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    I remember hearing about a "PSN content activator" a while back that would activate any PSN content you downloaded and used (i.e. legitly, not pirated). However it's not been mentioned in the homebrew wiki so I've lost track of it.

    EDIT: I guess I stand corrected... I just forgot the name, and didn't recongise the description when I skimmed over it.
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    It was in the list.
    I didn't have time to work on the wiki page yet to create the homebrew descriptions, but I try to keep the homebrew list as complete as possible, it will be easier to find a program's name to create the homebrew's page later.

    It's "xReg plus", by Cyberskunk.
    It can backup and restore your xRegistry.sys file to/from USB.
    It can also reactivate the licenses from your legally purchased DLC.
    The reactivation is only temporary, so you need to run this homebrew and reactivate every time you want to play a DLC.

    A screenshot can be seen here : http://www.ps3-addict.fr/forum/xreg-plus-1-0-t2419.html

    You must have a backup of your act.dat from your first/old HDD.
    Your new HDD must already have the exdata folder created (dev_hdd0/home/000000xx/exdata/).

    1. Place your act.dat at the root of your FAT32 device, and connect it to USB000 (The rightmost port, near the disc reader).

    2. Launch xRegPlus and press O to copy the act.dat into you xRegistry's USRDIR folder so you don't need to keep your USB connected (dev_hdd0/GAME/XREG00001/USRDIR/act.dat).
    (or you can use a file manager to place it here)

    3. Now every time you want to activate your DLC, run xReg Plus, and press X.
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    I'll probably go to official firmware eventually, I think I've found what games to buy and what not to buy.
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    Makes me wish I used that before my ps3 semi-bricked on me.