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    Hey everyone, I just got my original xbox back. I gave it to my bf a couple of years ago and he never used it so he gave it back XD. Anyways I softmodded it forever ago using the splinter cell method and have Evox Dashboard installed (yes I know its dated, but I could care less as I'm mainly using this for linux :P).

    Anyways so I got Xdsl v0.6 (what appears to be the last stable version) installed as a loopback install which is great! It runs excellent as far as performance goes no complaints there (DSL FTW). Problem is this is pretty outdated, so I went through the process of trying to update everything and enable APT etc, but many of the options failed due to the location of files moving/not being hosted anymore. All I got to update was firefox to GTK v2 and flashplayer 9, everything else failed lol. I DID find this beta version of Xdsl v 0.7 here: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?/topic/667771-xdsl-07-beta-released/ but haven't tried it yet. Has anyone tried this here? Any luck getting APT enabled at least on this version? If I can at least get APT up and running, that would be great! I can work with that to get everything I want updated and install all my software etc.

    UPDATE: I got the myDSL extension browser (package manager for dsl) up and running again and I'm still on xdsl 0.6 :P. I did manage to restore dpkg and apt-get but it was causing a conflict with myDSL and it trashed my install. Had to reformat and start over but not myDSL is working. Still pretty neat I guess :P. In my spare time, I plan on upgrading this version of xdsl to make it more usable for those who are interested :P

    UPDATE 2: Just managed to get lxdoom to run weeeeeeee! Runs full speed and everything. This is pretty neat :) :P. Xmame runs fine as long as you launch it from the GUI and not the terminal

    UPDATE 3: Got both APT-GET running and mydsl extension browser side by side :). So now apps for debian or dsl can be installed (for the most part). Conflict has been resolved.

    UPDATE 4: APT-GET and mydsl are still fighting one another apparently. Just doesn't seem that way at first, until you try to launch an application/package installed from either package manager. That being said, I've temporarily removed the APT-GET functionality until I can figure out what the issue is.

    Here's a fun video of me playing doom under XDSL:

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