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    Oct 18, 2018
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    This is a batch converter shell script for xci files to nsp using 4nxci github dot com/The-4n/4NXCI

    I have a Mac, but this should work in linux as well. I've included a Mac compiled binary of the latest release as of this writing (v1.35)

    $ ./xci2nsp.sh
      ./xci2nsp.sh [options]
      -i <dir>:          Input folder (dir with xci files to convert)
      -o <dir>:          Output folder (default: same dir as xci file)
      -w <dir>:          Working directory (default: same dir as input )
      -k <dir/keys.dat>: keys.dat file to use (default: keys.dat in the same dir as the script)
      -n <dir/4nxci>:    4nxci binary to use (default: 4nxci in the same dir as the script
      -c <level>:        Cleanup level - options are workspace ([default] temp files), all (workspace + xci files), none
      -r:                Recurse subdirectories (default is not to recurse)
      -h:                this message
    the only required option is `-i`, the rest are optional.

    Have a nas with a download directory full of random folders with .xci files, and want all your converted .nsp files to be somewhere neat? use a local working dir to get better performance:
    ./xci2nsp.sh -i /Volumes/MyNas/Downloads -o /Volumes/MyNas/Games/Switch -w ~ -r -c all
    that will recurse through all sub directories of /Volumes/MyNas/Downloads to find xci files, use your home directory (local storage) as the workspace, then move all the converted files to /Volumes/MyNas/Games/Switch and remove the files made locally as well as the extracted xci files so you can save space and continue seeding.

    Have a local folder with a bunch of files to convert?
    ./xci2nsp.sh -i ~/Downloads/Switch
    will find all the xci files in ~/Downloads/Switch and convert them in that directory, as well as remove extra files made by the work, but leave the origin xci files intact.

    Let me know what you think!

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