Xbox One Power Supply Noise

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    I was just wondering if the power supply fan is supposed to make any noise. When I leave my Xbox in instant-on mode, I can't sleep because the fan makes a faint sound. It's hardly loud, but my ears pick up on it and then I can't get it out of my head. It's across the room, tucked away behind my TV. Is this normal? I hear some people saying that it should be completely silent. So I'm not sure if there's something wrong with mine. I mean a fan has to make noise so I'm not sure. Really I don't know why the fan needs to be on at all if it's only supplying a little bit of power.
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    I forgot
    If the PSU's fan is running like that in instant on mode, you most likely have a faulty PSU and should have it replaced. Usually, if your Xbox One is still within the warranty period, you can get the PSU replaced for free from MS.

    Though it is possible you simply have it in a terrible spot that has poor air-flow, most of the time you shouldn't be able to hear the PSU fan regardless of where it's at.
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    Being trapped behind the TV, poor airflow and excess debris. You be surprised how much particles are in the air in your house. Odds are, IMO, crap is build up inside the sleeve of the fan.

    Best Wishes on your fan issue :)