Wupinstaller error: verify wup files are correct & complete. dlc/e-shop require sig patch in CBHC

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    Oct 12, 2017
    Hello everyon I just wanted to ask, does wupinstaller gx still need a sig patch even though i hac installed cbhc? I tried installing some games and they worked perfecly but one is giving me an error.
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    CBHC IS the sigpatch.
    sigpatch is now enabled 100% of the time.

    if you get an error telling you to verify your files are correct and complete ... I guess it means there's a problem and they are bad or incomplete ! nothing to do with sigpatch here.
    the download went bad, and the data is corrupted. get it again, and try again.

    you know, usually the problem is in the error message. you just have to read it, and you have the solution. here, it told you to verify your files, just do that.
    unfortunately, only WiiU USB Helper automatically verify the downloaded files, no other tools are doing it in my knowledge. (well, wup installer does before/at installing step)
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