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    Most of the ones I know of have already been taken, moreover it does not really matter when questioning another's picks for it.

    I already covered what I reckon goes into bad boxart (pretty much what makes bad art, with the added bonus of in the case of boxart it being intended to convey something about the game so probably ought to do that or at least not actively undermine it or spoil things too badly). If you can avoid too many cliches or tropes and thus have it a bit more memorable then so much the better.

    In the case of Burn Cycle it would be described as a race against time before your mind betrays you thanks to an embedded computer virus; you are some kind of spy/data transport... so far so Johnny Mnemonic (even if this predates it) so near future sci fi with an exploration about what makes a mind (and thus human). The three/multiple heads displaying different emotions/aspects of a fractured mind is a bit cliche I guess (second only to looking into a shattered mirror or perhaps patchwork of different photos to make up a whole) but still works. Font is fine as a techno/cyber thriller, especially for that point in time, and the background also serves to convey future. Colours... they could do better and the washed out red on dark/dark blue background might also be a bit cliche for this style of work and 80s sci fi/action sci fi posters but for 1994 I am not complaining much. I already mentioned my misgivings with the background characters, indeed one hasty painting out of them

    At this point this almost seems less "worst boxart" and more "haha look at these tropes in boxart" which is great* but don't call it worst boxart if you are not going for that.

    *and keep them coming if so -- I might question it as a pick for worst boxart but that is not to say I am not enjoying seeing such things.
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    Meh... 3do wasnt too bad anyway i am going to post what i found anyway
    Warning: there's a lot of it
    220px-3DO_Icebreaker_cover_art. 220px-Ballz. 220px-BattleSport_cover_art. 220px-Corpse_Killer_for_Sega_32X,_Front_Cover. The_Journeyman_Project_Cover. 220px-Doctor_Hauzer. Escape_from_Monster_Manor_Cover. North_American_Genesis_Fun_'n_Games_front_cover. 220px-Horde_cover. Tony_Hawk's_Downhill_Jam_Coverart. 3DO-Immercenary. 220px-Jammit_Coverart. 220px-Johnny_Bazookatone_Cover. mazer. 280full. 220px-Olympic_Soccer. Olympic_Summer_Games_Coverart. PerfectGeneral. 220px-3DO_Plumbers_Don't_Wear_Ties_cover_art. 220px-3DO_PO'ed_cover_art. 220px-Psychic_Detective_cover. 220px-Quarterback_Attack_Cover.
    I have to make second post to fit all of those lol

    — Posts automatically merged - Please don't double post! —

    Part 2
    220px-3DO_Return_Fire_cover_art. 220px-3DO_Scramble_Cobra_cover_art. 611QQeh52aL. c912ab585e453cbe474721433323ae85--road-rash-videogames. Sewer_Shark_Coverart. 220px-3DO_Slam_'N_Jam_'95_cover_art. 220px-3DO_Space_Hulk_-_Vengeance_of_the_Blood_Angels_cover_art. 49935-space-pirates-3do-front-cover. 220px-Twisted_the_Game_Show_Box_Cover. 220px-True_Golf_Classics_-_Waialae_Country_Club_Coverart. 220px-Way_of_the_Warrior_cover. 214Bo3ArZgL._AC_UL436_. 220px-Zhadnost_The_People's_Party.
    Now that i am done i would like you to vote for the worst one!
    Anyway next time on dragon b... I mean worst boxart i will check Saturn boxarts have fun until then!
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    Once more I am going to have to question those. Going through them in order

    "Welcome to Zhadnost, the "most popular game on Bizzarnian state run television"! Bizzarnia, a small communist nation has kidnapped contestants for this its favourite game show and is playing them against each other to compete for their freedom."
    Seems pretty fitting then.

    Winning Post.
    They might have only seen the intro video and made that but a bit of stylised art that is clearly about horse racing.

    Way of the Warrior.
    Assuming that you are not trying to make a comment about how that is a Japanese style sword/dagger and the yin yang is a symbol in various Chinese philosophies i am not sure what needs to be said.

    Has a guy playing golf for a golf game... seems OK to me.

    Game show game has game show art... while I am always up for more it is hardly bad.

    Space Pirates. I am not a fan of photo boxart so much but mean looking guy in a sci fi helmet... seems within reason.

    Space Hulk. That is not the best Warhammer 40K art I have ever seen but definitely a 40K space marine there.

    Slam Jam. Bit basic but motion blur for action and clearly indicating a basketball game.

    Sewer Shark. Not terribly indicative of the gameplay but don't know if I would call it bad.

    Road Rash. By this point it had lost some of its humour and charm from the other efforts but it is a game about motorbike racing with some combat options.

    Seal of the Pharaoh. I would have probably lost the 4 enemies from the main panel, maybe put the door as a faded out thing in the sky but works.

    Scramble Cobra is a bit dark in that scan but the Cobra at the time was well identified as an attack helicopter.

    Return Fire. Text work is not great and we can have a debate about the nature of abstract art like that and its suitability here. If you wanted to put the PS1 logo on the 3do artwork then that would be the superior version of both.

    Quarterback Attack. That is some aggressively 90s font and text styling but serviceable overall.

    Psychic Detective. Colours are fine, the split head thing for psychics and the like I covered last time and one is wearing a pulp detective novel type hat to indicate as such, so maybe a touch cliche but still works.

    PO'ed. "It features a cook of a destroyed spaceship marooned on an alien world." offers so many options so yeah that is lazy as you like, and I am not entirely sure what slime has to do with this. So yeah I think we have our first bad one.

    Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. A somewhat infamous game but if you wanted to nail that 90s porn VHS look then they have it. By itself though then yeah nothing to write home about.

    The Perfect General. What is wrong with that? Tells you what it is about, evokes any number of propaganda posters or war iconography and is generally pretty pleasing to the eye (almost has a bit of golden spiral going on even). If I was making a modernish military strategy game I would be delighted to get back cover art like that.

    Olympic Summer games and Olympic Soccer. By the numbers sports game covers and I am not sure about the graphics for the Summer Games one but not a complete turn off either.

    Night Trap. You mean the game where you spy on pretty ladies in a house via CCTV (said game also being a full motion video game, which was still a novel concept) and try to protect them from invaders? The game is lacklustre at best and mostly only remembered for the controversy surrounding it at the time but boxart wise I have seen far far worse.

    Mazer. Font is a bit hard to read and CGI pretty sub par but at least gives you an idea of what it is about. Not great by any means.

    Bazookatone. The game is a mediocre slow platformer with the donkey kong prerendered sprites approach to the world (albeit a bit after they made it notable) and that boxart conveys more speed than that guy ever really moves with but I can't get to bad really.

    Jammit. I know some want to go back to edgy sports games and to be fair fifa street probably came as close to not making me fall asleep as a football game has ever got since sensible soccer but it is a street focused basketball game.

    Immercenary. That is probably the last time EA would allow their logo to not be front and centre and they probably ought to have kept it hidden as I am sure the owners of Battlestar Gallactica will be on their case. Still if they did not have the "combat in a digital world" line in that it would have been my among my first guesses about the contents of the game.

    Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. In this game you ride skateboards downhill. By no means a good game but boxart wise that does what it has to do.

    The Horde. It does prominently feature a king and a squire/esteemed subject, and you are under attack by hungry red monsters. I reckon the title screen for the game would have been better in some ways and I would have no clue as to the mechanics of the game (though action strategy was new at the time), nor does it particularly please my eye but I am having a hard time arriving at bad.

    Fun'N'Games. Nightmare fuel really but broadly in keeping with the art style of the game and cartoons of the time.

    Escape from Monster Manor. I would have blown up that image to the whole boxart (or nearly so with a black background if necessary) but that with the escape from Monster Manor title tells me most of what I need to know here.

    Doctor Hauzer. The swinging blade thing is classic trap iconography, and the gears speak to puzzles and whatnot (better yet they also don't appear to be 3 gears that will lock themselves up if someone tried to turn them which is what I normally see). Another by no means good but speaks to something of a mystery/trap dodging affair with the wormhole thing being a mysterious forces theme as well. I imagine far better could be done but I would also let that go out to the world.

    Journeyman Project. Victim of bad, or at least badly aged, CGI. Does not tell me too much about the game really so there is that, and does not make me want to play it. As as complete turn off though I can't get there.

    Corpse Killer. Bad? That is great. Game has you dropped on a tropical island to fight zombies and that tells me just that. Another I would be delighted to have for such a game. Font wise Killer is perhaps not the best font choice and Corpse maybe leans too much for old school horror poster but those are both fairly minor things.

    Battlesport. Future sports game where you fight in spaceships of a sort in an arena for a sport (think Rocket League but a fraction as good). Saw it in action as part of this and I think i would rather play Speedball, and I really don't like speedball (don't know why, just never clicked for me). Don't know how you are going to work the sport angle into graphics without getting cheesy but it is a game featuring a space ship that looks somewhat like that one depicted. Could be worse.

    Ballz. Victim of the extreme naming trends of the time I guess and I will probably have to cover things here as far as history of graphics (short version being 3d balls are easy to render so there was a bit of a fad for making things from them for a while, see also Vectorman, and even traditional 2d made use of it -- megaman,

    Icebreaker. Yeah don't need to say too much about that one.

    Castlevania Down of Sorrow. Grey label/player's choice/second issue version. Actually took me a second there to realise what you meant. The base boxart twisted to a jaunty angle is the absolute laziest method out there (as in black background times new roman text is less lazy) and the original was nothing special to begin with (character display with main character up front was probably old when the hills were young, that doing less than most here). That said it I would sooner have that on my shelf than a lot of grey label/player's choice/second issue versions I have seen/obtained over the years.

    As you frequently seem to want things then one of the games I was thinking of last time for the bad region changes was Knight's Contract.
    Now when comparing US to EU approaches to graphics design then most people will tell you the US goes in for massively oversaturated and if they can stimulate you more visually then they will. This is basically the perfect example in boxart form.
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    C64 Diskette and Multi Platform Cassette Version:

    post-4709-0-02103200-1550976364. aztec_challenge_1983_k7.
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    Again art is not bad but someone fucked up
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    This thread has turned into nightmare fuel to be honest looking at some of these:rofl2:

    Thanks for posting that, the art isn't bad, but I wanted to play that again, one of the RPGs I've had the most fun with on the PSP and just couldn't remember it's name so I could play it again!
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    I am back!
    This time i looked thru Sega Saturn and it wasn't bad main thing bein that a lot of boxart are manga style so they are good.
    Anyway here's what if found.
    220px-Actua_Soccer_DOS_Cover. 59642-area-51-sega-saturn-front-cover. 220px-Assault_Rigs_Coverart. 220px-Baku_Baku_Animal. 220px-BasesLoaded96BoxArtJPSaturn. 220px-Sega_Saturn_Black_Fire_cover_art. 220px-Battle_Stations_1997_video_game_cover. 220px-Blast_Chamber_Coverart. Blazing_Dragons_cover. 220px-Breakthru!_SNES. 220px-Bug_Too!_Coverart. Bust-A-Move_2_-_Arcade_Edition_Coverart. s-l300. 220px-Clockwork_Knight. Clockwork_knight_2. 220px-College_Slam_Coverart. 220px-Courier_Crisis_1997_cover. 220px-CrimeWave_Cover. Dark_Savior_Coverart. 500_0_productGfx_9354ffddad34ff6e11188ab526718a87. 220px-Angel_Devoid_-_Face_of_the_Enemy. 220px-AthleteKingsBox. 220px-Deep_Fear_EUR.

    — Posts automatically merged - Please don't double post! —

    Second one...
    250px-Tecmo_Stackers_Cover_art. Destruction_Derby_Coverart. 250px-Generations_Lost_cover. 21153-double-switch-sega-saturn-front-cover. The_Lawnmover_Man_PC_Cover. 220px-Medieval_Conquest_PC_Cover. DuFFYsAW0AALSk5. Windows_Frankenstein_-_Through_the_Eyes_of_the_Monster_cover_art. 00e1c0f342ee836c3327039b36c9. 220px-Sega_Saturn_Hang-On_GP_cover_art. 18436-hi-octane-sega-saturn-front-cover. 220px-Hi-Octane_cover. 220px-Iron_Man_and_X-O_Manowar_in_Heavy_Metal_Coverart. front. sega-saturn-krazy-ivan. 220px-Sega_Saturn_The_Legend_of_Oasis_cover_art. 18642-norse-by-norse-west-the-return-of-the-lost-vikings-sega-saturn-front-cover. Torico_European_Cover. 250px-ManxTTSuperbikeBox. 220px-MrBone_frontcover. Mystaria_-_The_Realms_of_Lore_Coverart. 51cuCPvWl5L._SX466_. 135814-panzer-dragoon-sega-saturn-front-cover.

    — Posts automatically merged - Please don't double post! —

    And the third one! SAT_PANZER_DRAGOON. 220px-Forever_Growing_Garden_CD_Cover. s-l300 (1). 252px-Fatal_Fury_Wild_Ambition_Cover. Return_to_Zork_Coverart. 177928-rise-2-resurrection-sega-saturn-front-cover. Z_The_Bitmap_Brothers.PNG 220px-Scud_-_The_Disposable_Assassin_Coverart. 220px-Scorcher_video_game_cover. sega rally. Sega_Worldwide_Soccer_'97_Coverart. 220px-Sega_Saturn_Shellshock_cover_art. EverybodysGolf. The_Revenge_of_Shinobi_(GBA)_Coverart. 174814-sky-target-sega-saturn-front-cover. 1029800-cover_art. Soukyugurentai. 250px-Panzer_Front. Tetris_Plus-_SEGA_SATURN-_FRONT_414x700. ss-tetris-plus_. !!e!VKh!BmM_$(KGrHqR,!hgE0frcQTiyBNP4Ie7P4!___62. baa2054c4f339ea5eca5e7751c6e. images.

    — Posts automatically merged - Please don't double post! —

    And the last one!
    Virtua_Cop_Sega_Saturn__30577.1523571984. Virtuafighterkids. 191308-virtual-open-tennis-sega-saturn-front-cover. 220px-Sega_Saturn_Virtual_Volleyball_cover_art. 220px-Actua_Golf_cover_art. 220px-Wing_Arms_cover.
    Well that took more time than i thought it would take there's more and more every time.
    special thanks to: my guinea pig and cottage chesse
    Next i will do game.com game gear or maybe something entere diffrent
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    Several of those were what you might call of their time, virtual volleyball probably being the absolute best, but most were not even close to being bad. I am not sure Lost Vikings 2 needed to be a gritty CGI reboot but anything I say here will probably be kinder than what most had to say about the game so I will skip that one.

    Not sure about double switch and generations lost looks more like a bodice ripper novel set in the age of conan than slow and methodical platformer. Hi octane is a bit do nothing. Cleopatra's fortune was an odd font choice (so much that at first I thought it was the non trademark infringing Cleopaira's fortune that we were seeking, and that is before the odd choice to rotate some of the letters (screams "ooh I have a new toy" or "I have to make a mark" to me). Sky Target is a bit too much motion blur but stops short of ruining things (especially if you can see it all at once, unlike me scrolling down the screen here).
    Return to Zork... the crack of light signifying cave coming to an end was cliche even then but given the game's premise it is not too out of place.
    Baky Baky is standard Japanese nightmare fuel but I am not sure I can get to bad.
    Area 51 is a bit too much "look at me" for my taste but still within reason. Similarly Destruction Derby's composition leaves a bit to be desired.

    So again this is less bad boxart and more "haha look at boxart back in the day".
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