[WIP] Daybreak: Another rpg.

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    Hey everyone, this is my first time here so as my opening post, I think I should show what im up to!


    Daybreak is an rpg about close friends and a robot trying to save citizens stolen by their own government. Heres a rundown of the plot

    Adam is the cool, popular kid in his school. He is always protecting his brother and can also use a mystical power called ‘MAG’ (Short for Imagination). Adam must come forward when his government abducts citizens for seemingly no reason. He has been chosen by the rebel group known as Cicada to retrieve the stolen citizens and get to the bottom of this case. But he somehow disappears without a trace shortly after embarking on his quest…

    Adams younger brother, Chase, is more skilled in MA than his brother. Using his powers for the first time, Chase now must embark on a quest to find his brother, save his country, and fight other “chosen psychics” and whatever monsters are hiding in the dark

    On the long journey, Chase will make new friends, fight new foes, write over time itself (with some minor help), and everything in between.

    Daybreak Is going to be a spiritual successor to the mother series. I am trying to make it as close to mother as possible, as if I was developing a mother 4.

    You can find more information and screenshots at the starmen.net thread
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    Sounds interesting! :) Though the names of the characters are a bit generic (especially compared to names like ness and ninten)
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    Looks cool! I'll definitely give it a try.
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