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    Nov 4, 2008
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    is my save file really the problem because I can’t set my friend code on the website but it’s there.
    Also as much time as I was a forum for this I realized something I didn’t do and when I actually put my friend code it says it’s active. I did try smash earlier with a new save file and it worked that way but I would have to start over and I put my old file back just to go back to getting the error code. Don’t know if I’m on a wait period for the one with my actual save file.
    If there is a way to edit the friend code with my new one, I’ll do that. Right now it’s not really about going online to play but actually getting this to work with my current save file.Right now though I think Mario kart is the only thing that works for me. If anyone solved this issue without deleting a save file please let me know.

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