Will this work? MH4G Save Data Transfer Procedure

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    May 13, 2015
    Ok, this is what i am trying to do.

    I am trying to get JPN DLC quests onto Korean MH4G.

    I have

    - Korean MH4G retail cartridge
    - 9.7 KOR n3ds
    - 9.1 JPN o3ds
    - Sky3DS
    - Gateway

    These are the steps.

    1. Using GW + 9.1 JPN o3ds, dump Korean MH4G 3Ds Rom.

    2. Place this rom into Sky3Ds.

    3. Using Sky3Ds disk writer, make backup data of MH4G data in 9.7 n3Ds

    4. Restore the data on 9.1 JPN o3Ds (using region four)

    5. Load KOR MH4G Rom(the same one in Sky3Ds) with GW and use SDF.

    6. Load JPN MH4G Rom, download quests, and use SDF.

    7. Add DLC quests.


    8. Backup data using Sky3Ds Disk writer and restore it on 9.7 n3ds

    Will this work? If there is any flaw, please teach me.