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    Ok, so I looked over the official compatibility guide on wikitemp, and decided to add some titles I've recently tested that didn't appear on the list, and explain how well they run. Hope this helps out a few people that wanted to try games not on the list.

    Keep in mind these were all tested on Dynarec, with limit fps set to auto, and frame skip on. Booted through BIOS. Also, all games can save just fine unless otherwise noted.

    Advanced V.G. 2 (Works perfectly, aside from character select music being a little sluggish)

    Adventure of little Ralph (Works perfectly)

    Afro Ken - The Puzzle (Works perfectly)

    Arc the Lad (Works near perfect. Saves DO work, but sometimes a save can crash your game, causing your save to revert back to the last time you saved for some reason)

    Assault Rigs (Works perfectly, no bgm though)

    Batman Forever: The Arcade Game (Works perfectly)

    Battle Hunter (works perfectly)

    Beatmania (Perfect, but swap cd will crash the the emu)

    Beatmania Append 4th Mix (Requires Beatmania disc, so can't actually play)

    Beatmania Append Gottamix (See Beatmania 4th Mix)

    Beatmania 5th Mix (Works almost perfect, a little laggy)

    Bomberman Fantasy Race (Works great, haven't played the original so I can't be a good judge of speed)

    Brave Fencer Musashi (Gameplay is perfect speed, but the assimilation button pressing is glitched, so it only detects every 2nd or 3rd press, thus making the bar extremely difficult to fill up. Also, certain sounds tend to get stuck and never go away, making for an annoying experience. Loading a save file for example, the tone it plays when the loading finishes, gets stuck in an infinite loop, and it's ear drum piercing after a little bit)

    Builder's Block (Runs almost at full speed. I believe something is wrong with the music though)

    Chocobo Racing (Works perfectly, occasional lag but it in no way messes you up while driving)

    Cleopatra's Fortune (Works perfectly)

    Cotton 100% (Works perfectly, occasional sound hiccup)

    Culdcept Expansion (Works perfectly, occasional sound lag)

    Dancing Stage Euromix (Doesn't load at all. Could be a bad image, or the fact that it's a PAL game)

    Dancing Stage Feat. Dreams Come True (Works perfectly)

    Dancing Stage Feat. True Kiss Destination (Works great, but no music plays after a song choice. Oddly though, the songs play fine at the select screen)

    DDR 5th Mix (Slight flicker on the bottom of the screen during gameplay, but runs without lag and the songs all play fine)

    DDR Disney Mix/Disney's Rave (Plays fine until the song select screen, where graphics are missing and nothing happens)

    DDR Extra Mix (Works until the Konami logo appears, once you press start, the sound effect registers, but the white screen never goes away. Not pressing start will leave you with a frozen Konami logo on screen)

    DDR O-ha Star (Occasional lag, otherwise perfect)

    Destrega (Works very well. Not quite perfect, but very playable)

    Devil Dice (Doesn't load at all. Could be bad image, will re-test)

    Evil Zone (Runs slightly better than Destrega, very playable. Music loops after just 10 seconds on some tracks)

    Finger Flashing (Works, but slow)

    Gex (Works perfectly)

    Groove Adventure Rave (Works great, a bit slow at times)

    Guitar Freaks (Plays near perfect, but certain video effects during songs cause lag. Disc swap doesn't work, but doesn't crash the emu either)

    Guitar Freaks 2nd Mix (Requires Guitar Freaks disc, unplayable at the moment)

    Gunpey (Works great, occasionally slow)

    Harmful Park (Works perfectly)

    I.Q. Final (Won't load past the "Sony computer entertainment Japan presents" screen)

    Internal Section (Playable, but slow)

    Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale (Playable, but runs at about 80% speed)

    Johnny Bazookatone (Gameplay is perfect, but the bgm is horribly distorted)

    Kaette Kita Cyborg Kuro-Chan (Much like Blast Chamber, this game seems to run fine, until the title screen where pressing anything results in nothing at all)

    Kensei: Sacred Fist (Runs very well, about 80% of original speed)

    Korokoro Postnin (Works perfectly)

    Kula World/Roll Away (Works great, occasional lag)

    Legend of Mana (Works perfectly so far)

    Motor Toon Grand-Prix (Works great, if a tad slower than I remember)

    Nekketsu Oyako (Private E.D.F.) Works good, but a bit glitchy)

    Oh No! (Can't seem to progress past the 3rd screen, gives out random game overs)

    Panzer Bandit (Runs perfectly)

    Pepsiman (Works great, no music)

    Point Blank! 3 (Works great, occasional lag)

    pop'n music Animelo (Plays slow, but still playable)

    pop'n music Disney Tunes (Never leaves the song screen before the gameplay is supposed to start)

    Qix Neo (Works perfectly)

    Rapid Angel (Slow, but playable)

    Road Rash 3D (Doesn't load past title screen)

    Road Rash Jailbreak (Works great)

    Spider (Works perfectly)

    The Granstream Saga (Works perfectly so far, I'm about 4 hours in)

    Threads of Fate (Works great, about 90% speed)

    Treasures of the Deep (Crashes before any mission starts)

    Umihara Kawase Shun 2nd (Works perfectly)

    WCW Nitro (Works perfectly)

    WCW/nWo Thunder (Works Perfectly)

    WCW VS The World (Runs perfect, no music though)

    I hope this helps someone out. I'm currently working on a few more tests, DDR 4th Mix, Hermie Hopperhead, and more.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
  2. Korudo

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    *Additions. Sorry.
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    I fixed your topic title.

    Editing the wiki is not very hard.
    It takes time, but little by little you can add the games you tested to the list :)
    Or maybe it's already you who edited the list recently? then thanks
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    I did not edit the list at all, but I will certainly look into it. Oh and thanks.:)
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    I tried playing Brave Fencer Musashi and it's freezes the video and fast forwards the sound as soon as I get to Spiral Tower.